THIS is the Tea Sis!

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As I have been trying to be a bit more healthy, I have been really working on breaking the habit of energy drinks and pop for healthier beverage options – Can I say, I had no idea how amazing the world of teas actually is!

TeaWell has been my daughters favorite brand, and is quickly becoming mine. The options are endless. In fact, I”m super excited to try their Organic Honey Lemon, I’ve noticed about any tea with a lemon flavor taste especially yummy to me!

As we know soda pop is full of calories and sugar so tea is a great alternative (especially if you don’t add anything extra) and it supplies nutrients to your body, like vitamins and minerals. Plus there’s SO many varieties, I don’t think you could ever get sick of a particular flavor – and it’s great because its kind of like coffee: you can drink it hot or cold!

What’s great right now you can save $1 OFF 2 boxes of any Celestial Seasonings Tea! 
(Also keep an eye out for a great coupon from  ValPak for even more savings on TeaWell at Walmart!)


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