The Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Mechanic When Having Your Vehicle Serviced

When you take your vehicle in to be serviced it can sometimes be a bit intimidating. Cars can be quite expensive to maintain, and unfortunately a lot of them require special tools and equipment to repair. A lot of people aren’t prepared for the costs or time it takes for repairs and service – so making sure to empower yourself with the information, knowledge and confidence to make sure you know what is going on and what you are getting into is a smart move to make. There are a few questions that you  can ask your mechanic to feel confident in your repairs and their service. It  can also help you avoid paying too much and avoid unnecessary repairs.

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Can I Meet the Mechanic?
If you ask to meet the mechanic you can put a face with the name – and a name with the experience. If you ask what they drive, how long they’ve worked there, and some about their experience, it can go a long way building a great relationship. It also shows your mechanic that you  care about your car (and him) and it  can really benefit you. Be sure to also ask if you can ask for that mechanic specifically if you feel more comfortable with them.

Can I See What the Problem Is?
This is a pretty important question – unfortunately there are times when some mechanics take advantage of people, so when you are getting to know your dealership or service company, having them take you into the shop and show you it does reduce the risks of anyone trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Even if you don’t understand all the parts of the car or how things work, this will really help. If they won’t show you the problem or  give you a full explanation then you probably want to find someplace else to have your vehicle fixed.

Can You Help Me Prioritize a List? 
Sometimes when you bring a car in, it can have multiple things wrong. .and sometimes it’s just not in your budget to fix them all at once. If you can have the mechanic or service adviser help prioritize a list that – from vital and on down, you can work on getting things repaired in the correct order. Most of the time the top things on the list are safety related repairs. They will also give you an idea of things that need taken care of to prevent further damages.

What Happens if I Don’t Get the Repairs Done?
Most of the time mechanics will tell you what will happen if you don’t get the repairs they recommend completed. Just be  sure it is a mechanic you can trust, because some shops can blow repairs out of proportion when really its  minor repair that can be done at a later time. However you do want to make  sure that you take heed to mechanics that you trust, because not getting repairs done can sometimes cause damage that’s irreversible or a very serious safety hazard. 

Is There Any Type of Warranty on This Repair?
There is no such thing as a perfect part or sometimes even a perfectly done repair job. Things go wrong – it can happen. Just be sure that when you get a repair done (especially if its costly) that you have some type of warranty. The best type they can offer is covering both parts and labor – and make sure you have the terms of it as well (exactly what is covered and for how long) and of course always get it in writing.

Hopefully this helps take some of the mystery out of car repair for you – or at least make you better equipped to handle situations that may come your way. Remember, when in doubt, ASK!

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