The Best Apps for Road Trips

Road trips can be one of the best ways to travel – but to get the most out of your trip and to make sure you don’t miss any great stops, check out some of these best travel apps for road trips.


Field Trip. The field trip app looks for areas of interest as you travel -you can select lifestyle, cool & unique, architecture, food,drinks & fun, art & museums, and history. Or you can select everything and the then it pops up cards on your phone when you’re near something interesting. If you’re driving and have a connected Bluetooth audio device, you’ll hear the alerts instead.


If you want the ‘hidden’ local scene, check out the Localeur app. Locals give advice – some quirky tips like “Portland’s 4 best photo booth bars”. Right now the app is limited to 14 major U.S cities, but keep an eye out, more cities will be coming soon!


Yes, you read that right. Searching hashtags for the city you are in (example #Cincinnati, #Lexington #Columbus) will give you an outsiders eye into interesting places to see, visit and eat. Bloggers use these hashtags to share info about trips that they’ve taken where they’ve gotten a first-rate tour, as well as tips and tricks for where you are headed (and what you shouldn’t miss).


iExit is one of my favorite time-saving road trip apps – it tells you what services are available at upcoming highway exits. It uses your location and looks at upcoming exits to give you a list of restaurants, gas stations, hotels, and more. If there is a particular gas station or restaurant you can mark it as a favorite and iExit will let you know when it’s coming up in your route. You’ll be happy that you downloaded it next time you were going to settle for gas station coffee instead of Starbucks two exits ahead!

Gas Buddy.

If you haven’t heard of Gas Buddy – where have you been?? Gas Buddy gives you the prices of gas stations in your area – so you can decide if you want to fill up now, or a few exits down.


If you are like me you’ve driven through your fair share of cell phone ‘dead zones’. If you are depending on your phones GPS to get where you are going Triposo allows you to download maps and travel guides so you can use them even when your phone service isn’t working. (the app does let you know how much space it will take up before you download). Don’t worry about getting lost in those shady places again!

TV Food Maps

Have you ever watched an episode of Diner, Drive-Ins and Dives and thought ohh I’d love to try that? The TV Food maps app will let you know when you are near a restaurant that’s been featured on a food show. Bizarre Foods, Top Chef, Restaurant Impossible to name a few.


Before you take off on your road-trip make sure you have had your vehicle serviced at a certified dealership to make sure your vehicle is up for the trip!


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