Straight Talk about Bladder Leakage #Underwareness

You don’t have to be eighty years old to worry about bladder leakage – it happens to the best of us. (thank you children!) My worst fear – having issues while at the gym. I mean how can you control something you’re already having a problem with when you are jogging on the treadmill? (Yes this happened to me – thankfully I was at my home gym, not in public!)

Seriously this happens to a lot of ladies – don’t believe me? Studies show:

• More people suffer with bladder leakage are in their 20’s than their 80’s??! (See I told ya’!)
• The average age of someone with bladder leakage is only 52!
• More people have bladder leakage that are 50 or younger than 60 or older!!

Depends wants to bring the #underwareness to light with their new Depend Silhouette Active Fit briefs. The Active Fit briefs have a lower rise+ for an underwear-like look, fit and feel, and they are available in black and beige colors.


Depends is offering a FREE SAMPLE of their Active Fit briefs for you to try! Just fill out the form and get a sample and a $2 OFF coupon for a future purchase.





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