Music: Therapy for the Soul

I received compensation from Recovery Unplugged for this sponsored post, any opinions expressed by me are honest and reflect my actual experience.


Did you know that using music can be a catalyst to break down defenses to help facilitate, motivate and inspire the change necessary for long-term recovery and sobriety? Many drug treatment centers , rehabilitation centers, and psychologist use music as therapy.

There are many ways that music can help heal your body and soul, such as:

Reduce stress levels, and encourage relaxation
Music also has been said to protect the heart
Lower blood pressure
Improve communications for those with autism
Helps treat hypertension
Reduces muscle tension
It boost your immune system
Improve concentration levels, and create a optimistic state of mind
Help people deal with anxiety
Helps reduce the pain in chronic pain sufferers
Reduces the feeling of loneliness
Prevents boredom
Assist with the pain of labor and delivery for Moms
Helps those battling with depression and addiction

My daughter has extreme anxiety, and music is the only thing that can calm her down. I was the same way when I was pregnant with her, and I know that music (the right kind) will always have a calming effect on her and her emotions. When we are both upset or arguing (after all who doesn’t argue with teenagers) I tell her to take a walk or go up to her room and listen to music on her phone – and within an hour (or sometimes minutes) she comes down to apologize, and she’s a completely different person.

Music is an amazing healer – you need to try it for yourself!




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