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After my son was born there wasn’t an antiperspirant that could do the job for me any longer. When I worked out it was like my armpits had sprung a leak and I cannot even begin to tell you how many tanks and tops have been trashed from the smears from the deodorants that seemed to never come out of my clothes; let alone actually keep me dry and smelling fresh. So when I was given the chance to try out the new Dry Sprays by Degree Men, Degree Women, Dove, Dove Men+Care and Axe I wasn’t expecting them to be much different.

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I decided to give the Dove Dry Spray a try the morning I was heading off to work and then the gym after. I will admit when I first sprayed it on it felt a bit weird, and it did burn a bit on the arm that had a small scrap.  But it dried instantly and it had a nice scent.
I noticed the scent throughout the day, which was a good thing – it meant it was working! It lasted throughout my very busy long stressful day at the office, and a short workout after work. The best part??
There wasn’t a nasty sticky spot on my new shirt! No residue left behind from the roll on types of antiperspirant deodorants I’d used in the past.

I let my daughter try it, and she loved it as well, and I plan on picking up some more for my son and my husband this weekend at Walmart.

Be sure to go enter to win some Dry Spray of your own, plus for a friend! Try it out, and share it on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #TryDry for your chance to win!



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