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It took me more years than I would care to admit that Chore & Reward Charts are the best and easiest way to teach kids discipline and get them to help around the house. My oldest thrives on order and doesn’t do well with the chaos that I seem to live for, so this has been a great compromise and easy way for us to work together.
She knows what is expected of her on a daily basis, and of course the rewards are quite a motivation as well! Reward Chore Chart Packaging

Below is the chore list for Sunday – Saturday. They can check it off daily to make sure it’s been done. I print out 2 of these for each kid because I include everything they have to do each day including showers, homework and picking up after themselves because that way it’s a constant reminder each week.

All in a Days Work Chore ChartThe Reward  chart lets you “price’ or ‘point’ the rewards for each activity. For example, taking a shower is 1 point because they have to do that no matter what. But doing a load of laundry is 5. Calculate how many points they need for each reward they are working for – My oldest prefers cash or iTunes gift cards, where my youngest works towards LEGO sets, or an Xbox game.


Reward Chart All In a Days Work


Print both  charts here: Reward Chore Charts

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