Staying Connected with Walmart Family Mobile – With Unlimited Talk/Text Plans!

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I mentioned previously how I purchased my Mom a Walmart Family Mobile smartphone so she could stay connected with me – and the kids. Since she plays the other parent role while my husband is on the road, it’s important that they are able to reach us both whenever they might need us. Both of the girls have taken up with texting quite quickly, and by the looks of the usage we’ve used up over 5,000 texts so far this month (so glad we have an unlimited talk/text plan!). Since we all have the Walmart Family Mobile plan I was able to get rid of our home phone and exclusively use our cell phones as our means of communication. It’s nice to be able to call and go over what is going on for the day, or just to chat without worrying about going over minutes!


What I LOVE about the Walmart Family Mobile Plan is that I can choose to not allow my kids to have data usage. They have smart phones with unlimited talk & text, and in order for them to access the internet or any of their apps they have to get on wifi – which they have to get the password from me (after chores are completed, of course). They can talk and text as much as they want to their friends and other family members without me worrying about about going over at all – especially with data (we had that issue on our last plan!) 

walmart-family-mobile My daughter teaching my Mom how to use her phone!

As for my Mom and myself – we both have the unlimited talk, text & web, which makes it pretty convenient when we are looking up directions to get to soccer games, school events, or if we want to upload pictures on Facebook to share with our family & friends. I am also regularly checking my bank acct info, traffic, and my work e-mail when we travel which makes the unlimited especially handy. (Of course my son loves to play games on my phone when we are traveling too – anything to keep from hearing ‘are we there yet?!” one more time!

walmart family mobile2

In case you didn’t know – All in a Days Work does have a mobile friendly web. =)

Remember you can pick up a NO CONTRACT UNLIMITED phone plan at your local Walmart. Walmart Family Mobile is located near the electronics department, and they have a wide array of phones to choose from (even the iPhone which is what my daughter chose). Pick up a starter kit, your phone and you are ready to talk and text to your hearts content. 


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7 Responses to Staying Connected with Walmart Family Mobile – With Unlimited Talk/Text Plans!

  1. Amanda says:

    Awesome! I wondered if they had iPhone! Thanks!

  2. This is a great deal! We have been waiting for our phones to come out of contract. Another month…

  3. Amanda says:

    My son is getting old enough for getting a cell phone. This looks like a great option for him!

  4. Thanks! That is a great deal!

  5. Those are so pretty sweet deals! Our contracts aren’t up til n ext year.

  6. Great deals at Walmart. Who knew they had iPhones?!

  7. Danielle says:

    That’s a lot of texting! I’m pretty sure I’ve never hit that number before. So thankful for unlimited texts! #client

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