Stay at the Luxurious St. Paul Hotel

There aren’t many times that I visit a place that I plan to write about that I dedicate an entire post to where I’m staying; normally I’m in a chain run-of-the-mill hotel/motel, or a simple bed and breakfast without any bells and whistles. But walking into the St. Paul Hotel in Wooster Ohio was definitely neither of these.

saint_paul_hotelThe St. Paul Hotel is in the heart of downtown Wooster, Ohio – an up and coming town that offers fun, food – and of course shopping – (that I will go into on another post). I was surprised to find out that the St.Paul hotel has actually been around for ages, opening in the early 1900’s. Though the hotel kept a part of it’s historic heritage, the hotel was completely renovated in 2011 to a contemporary style, and the work and furnishings were all done by companies right here in Ohio.

saint_paul_hotel_roomOur room was gorgeous  (excuse the wrinkle in the bed, my daughter threw her bag down on it and laid on the bed before I had a chance to even get a picture!) the furniture was gorgeous, the view – fantabulous, and the chairs were even comfortable. A modern sleek room, but with the comforts from home. A large screen T.V. was above the dresser, and side tables with outlets (and reading lamps) next to the bed.

But I have to say one of my most favorite parts – which is ironic because normally it’s my least favorite – was the magnificent bathroom. Usually when I visit a hotel I call down to room service to ask for some shower cleaner. It seems like no matter what housekeeping can’t seem to get it together; it always leaves something to be desired. But I was in clean bathroom heaven at the St. Paul Hotel.

Saint_paul_hotel_bathroom1Each bathroom is outfitted with Italian tile –  that is heated to 85 degrees. Now I don’t consider myself a ‘fancy’ type of person. I go camping, mudding, I can tough it out with the guys – however, I do like the finer things in life as well..and I had no idea how much I would appreciate stepping out onto  a warm floor after a shower. Or even as I was getting ready, to stand on a heated floor like that was seriously divine. Part of me wants to take my husband back to experience just the bathroom, but I’m afraid it would cost me – he’d want to update everything in our bathroom!


The next best thing – or maybe equally as wonderful,was the shower. The showers are enclosed in tempered glass, and features three water sources: a rain forest shower head, a wall mount and a hand held wand. I’m pretty sure I could of just sat a chair in the middle and stayed there all day – it was amazing.

20151216_085735                                            view from our room.

The amenities were like no other  – free drinks in the in-room fridge, a Keurig with coffee and tea K-cups, and you could even call down to the front desk for a free snack if you got hungry. The staff was impressive as well, always greeted us with a smile and a hello in the lobby, and willing to help with any questions or concerns we had during our stay.

Honestly, the only thing I would change is somehow improve their WiFi capabilities – I was disconnected multiple times while trying to get some work done in the evening, and I’m not sure if it was too many people connected, or an overall issue with WiFi in an older building. So if you plan on doing any work while you are there – make sure you have hotspot!

If you are looking for a great weekend getaway, and Wooster in on your radar (which it will be after I tell you about all the other amazing stuff this place has to offer) you need to reserve a room at the St. Paul Hotel. (my parents are already planning a trip as we speak).



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