Health Conscience Formula with Gerber Good Start

With all the stories of our foods being genetically modified, how they are illegal in other countries, and the countless efforts that health conscience individuals and groups to get these banned, I have always been worried about inadvertently feeding my children something that contains GMO’s. Though Formulas made without genetically engineered ingredients provide no additional nutritional benefits for your baby, a lot of Mom’s prefer not to take the risk since we don’t know what GMO’s can do in a long-term aspect of things.

This became especially worrisome when baby girl came along – which is why I am so excited about Gerber Good Start® formulas

Gerber decided to make all of their Good Start® formulas without the use of genetically engineered ingredients because that is what a significant number of parents want.


I love when a company listens to their consumers – especially when it comes to what we are feeding our babies. With the  changes across all of their formulas, they offer non-GMO products to babies with a wide variety of needs – from the base formula, to supplemental formula for those who are breast fed, babies who need a soy formula, and those with other types of tolerance issues.

Gerber is committed to providing what you want and need for your baby. 


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