Spring Cleaning: It’s Not Just for Spring Anymore!

This post is sponsored by Mean Green cleaning products – all opinions are my own.

If you are like me you try to keep your chore list to the minimum – while still continuing to have a clean, safe home environment. You take out the trash, wipe off the counters, mop the floors – it’s what you do without even thinking.

But what about the other stuff we tend to ignore except during Spring? There are quite a few things you should be cleaning more often – it takes just a few more minutes a day, and it can help keep your family healthier (and happier)!

Door Knobs. Before kids I didn’t give much thought to door knobs. But since this is one of the most touched surfaces in your home by everyone disinfecting them should be on your to do list. Be sure to use a anti-bacterial cleaner like Mean Green Anti-Bacterial Multi-Surface cleaner and wipe down with a cloth.

Bathroom Mats. Most people just remove the mat before scrubbing down the tub; but how much effort do you put into cleaning the mat itself? Bath mats are even more likely to collect germs and bacteria than the tub since they can get stuck in creases and crevices. Use Mean Green Anti-Bacterial Multi-Surface Cleaner or Mean Green Mildew Destroyer (I use both in my bathroom!)

Trash Cans. Oui vey. Have you looked at your trash can lately??!  I cringe a little when I take a closer look – and then think I have some messy dirty kids, lol. Trash cans be one of the smelliest, dirtiest places in your home if you don’t make sure to clean, rinse and disinfect on a regular basis. I try to do mine once a month, or even twice, to keep the germs at bay.

Phones and Remotes. I know you’ve read the stories online about how your phones are probably dirtier than your toilet – and I don’t doubt it as much as we use them. I use a soft cloth with a minimum amount of anti-bacterial cleaner on it and wipe it down – then I follow-up with a wet wipe to wipe the cleaner off. It keeps my phone cleaner, and at the same time keeps my face clearer! I never realized how much holding my face to my cheek could cause breakouts. So a 2 for 1 win on this one!

Shower Curtain. I buy shower curtains I can throw in the wash – but with that being said, the more you wash the more the fibers in the material breakdown causing it to look used and old like your favorite t-shirt. I have cut down to washing my shower curtain to once a month, or every other, and using an anti-bacterial cleanser or mildew destroyer to keep them clean and looking nice. I spray on and let it sit while I clean the tub, and then wipe it down with a wet cloth – and viola! Good as new!

Light Switches. Just like door knobs, these are touched often by everyone. This cleaning task is pretty simple and one I assign to my 7 yr old – a bottle of Mean Green and a soft cloth and he’s earning money – and I’m getting things cleaned. (another win/win in my book!)



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