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I hate to admit it – but I’m not in the shape I used to be. Besides getting older, which can be a downer as it is, I’ve noticed that aches and pains show up even when I didn’t do anything to cause it! I wake up with my arm aching, or my back all out of wack – and let’s not even mention how my body feels after a really intense workout.

I am not much for taking pills to relieve my pain and muscle aches. Half of them make me sleepy, and the other half I’m not supposed to drive or operate heavy machinery (O.K. that last part I don’t really do -but you never know). I am at home with my kids alone most of the time, so if something happened, what would they do??

I thought about this last night as my back was aching and I knew a big storm was rolling in; normally I’d pop a few pills and head to bed , but not last night. What if I needed to take my kids to the basement because of the strong winds and possible chances of tornado’s?  I needed to be alert, and be ready to wake up when my weather radio went off, or the sirens in the neighborhood. But I hurt. 

Thankfully I had an alternative solution – LivRelief.

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LivRelief pain relief cream has a natural active ingredient (delivra) that goes straight to the root of the pain – it’s fragrance-free, paraben-free, petroleum-free, and gluten-free; and there are no side effects and no known drug interactions.

Delivra is a deeply penetrating, (patent-pending) system developed by a molecular pharmacologist. The formula is based on proven interactions between plant molecules and human cells, and its proprietary mix of natural ingredients – not found in any other product.

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Thankfully I went the LivRelief route – around 3 a.m. a horrible storm blew through and thankfully I was able to wake up and get my kids down to the basement to safety and I was only tired and groggy from lack of sleep instead of medication induced!

You can get yours on Amazon – and experience natural, powerful pain relief now!


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