Some Leasing Suggestions For Families Living In California

Have A Long-Term Plan

If you’re going to do the best for yourself and your family, it may take some planning. Sometimes it makes sense to work in one region for a while, saving money, and move. Sometimes it makes sense to “tread water” in a rental living situation for a while before you put money down on a more permanent property. Keep in mind, lease terms are usually not less than six months.

If you’re going to put your family in a rental for a while, you want to think in terms of the length of the lease. Ideally, you can find a situation where you are able to move within a year’s time. Sometimes there are rent-to-own options out there that can be good for your family. Other times you might want to avoid stationary residency altogether, vying for a more mobile option until you find your stride.

While having a family in a motorhome isn’t ideal, living mobile need not feel mobile. This can be a great way to cut living costs for a few months while you find something better. Still, if you plan right, you don’t have to sacrifice for comfort or safety. Also, it could be that the rental option just makes more sense for your family.


Whatever the case, you want to look at properties that are going to serve your needs, like Vintage apartments in Pleasanton. For families attending college in Davis, California, just outside Sacramento, these units offer a full suite of services and top-tier units. If you want to be closer to campus, these West Village apartments at UC Davis offer some notable living solutions.

Specific Considerations

Look for units that are located in neighborhoods that are relatively safe. Rental communities can be very good for families, but there are some which are just a few graffiti marks away from being a slum. It’s essential to know before you go. Regardless of what you look at online, it’s essential to physically examine the premises before you sign on the dotted line.


Also, it’s never a good idea to go with the first unit you like. There’s such a thing as the “path of least resistance”. People don’t like to work hard, they don’t like to pound the pavement seeking a goal, they like to find a solution and stick with it—and often, being crunched for time, this is a fair enough way to do things. Still, if you’re the head of a household, you’ve got more to think of than just yourself.

You need to look at a minimum of five properties which match your family’s unique needs. If you can get a pet-friendly unit, and this matches family dynamics, that’s a plus. Some units may not offer pets, but have everything else you need. Certain compromises may be necessary, and this is one of the many reasons it’s absolutely fundamental that you plan in advance.

Finding The Best Place For Your Family

If you’re raising a family, at a minimum, you need to have an outline for what you think the next eighteen years will hold. You can’t predict the future; economies ebb and flow, fortunes come and go, and societies transition with time. However, you can plan for the most likely scenarios, and give yourself financial cushions.

Part of planing ahead involves where you live. Know what you and your family need. Know what your budget is. Know how long you intend on pursuing a leasing situation. Understand where you have points that are negotiable. Look at multiple units before you make a final decision. Following these steps will help you find the best home for you and your family.

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