Snacking Smart with ZonePerfect: a Healthy Snack Choice


As you all are well aware, I have literally been busting my butt trying to get back into shape. I count every calorie going in and going out – I drink tons of water, eat healthy, and work out at least five times a week.

I will have to admit there is one thing I have struggled with – snacking. Most days I’m OK, but there are times, especially the day after a really intense work out that I just am hungry. No matter if I ate the same breakfast or lunch that I have all the other days, I’m still craving more food!

Which I’m told this happens – the thing to do though is to control what you’re snacking on. Something healthy, something tasty, and something that’s going to make you “feel gooder.” That is why I absolutely love ZonePerfect Perfectly Simple Bars.



Perfectly Simple is as much the perfect snack as it is a simple approach to life. When it comes to how we craft our snacks, we fully subscribe to the “less is more” theory. That’s why we take the time to choose the perfect blend of healthy, tasty ingredients for a simple feel-good snack.

Perfectly Simple bars are made with simple, delicious and satisfying ingredients loaded with protein and low calorie to keep you fuller longer. Each bar is individually wrapped so it’s easy to grab and go when you are in a hurry!





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  1. Get it girl!!! You are doing great. Those look so yummy!

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