How To Become Financially Stable In Less Than One Year


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Most people would agree they always worry about money. No matter how much they earn, folks tend to find a way of spending their income. Indeed, even some of the highest earners find themselves with lots of debts. Considering that, we think it’s about time everyone made a change. Becoming financially stable could drastically improve your life. It will remove all those money worries and make you a happier person. When you have lots more cash in the bank, you can spend it on enjoying yourself. That could mean more family holidays, bigger homes, and a better life.


Getting financially fit is not as difficult as it might sound. You just need to take control of your finances and follow our advice. The tips on this page are designed to help even the most troubled people to turn things around. Believe it or not, there is always a solution. You just need to work out what it involves. In some instances, declaring yourself bankrupt is the only option. Don’t stress about that just yet. There are lots of moves you can make before you reach checkmate.



  • Stop spending now



Firstly, you need to stop spending money right now. Cancel those expensive mobile phone contracts, and refrain from buying designer clothes. The only money leaving your accounts should be for rent or mortgage payments and utility bills. Everything else can wait. It is possible to buy your weekly food very cheaply at budget stores. There is no need to spend anything else until you are stable. We never said getting your money sorted as going to be easy. It will involve many sacrifices on your part. So, get used to it as soon as possible. You need to live like a pauper for the next twelve months if you want to make headway.



  • Downsize your property



Those of you with a mortgage should consider selling your homes. Those of you renting should look for somewhere cheaper. We usually find that properties are available for less expense in different areas. So, it might make sense for you to relocate to a nearby town. You obviously need enough bedrooms for your family. However, you don’t require anything more. That huge kitchen and bathroom have got to go. By downsizing now, you could save thousands of pounds in a year. There are lots of estate agencies in your hometown. Make sure you pay them a visit to see what’s available on the market today.


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  • Use short-term loans



You might think that borrowing is a bad idea. However, short-term loans could stop you from falling further into the pit. Representatives from told us more people are using their services than ever before. That is because the industry is now regulated thoroughly. Also, decent lenders make security their priority. So, there’s no need to worry about someone stealing your personal details when making your application. Short-term loans are perfect when you’re about to default on alternative borrowing. They could be enough to keep your creditor happy until payday arrives. Just make sure you always read the small print and meet repayment deadlines.



  • Sell your valuable possessions



Maybe you own a ring that is worth thousands? Perhaps you made the bad decision of buying a sports car last year? Selling your most valuable possessions now could help to get you out of trouble. You just need to work out which items are worth the most money. Don’t make the mistake of trying to sell them via an auction website if you want the best deal. Also, using pawn shops is out of the question. While you need cash for the item, you should hold on until the price is right. Ripping yourself off when you’re already skint is a terrible idea.



  • Look for a better job



Finding work in the current climate can be tough. However, those of you with the right skills and experience shouldn’t have too much trouble. You might need to get your hands dirty and do something with which you are not comfortable. Even so, you need to follow the money because beggars can’t be choosers. Your partner should also seek better-paid work whenever the opportunity arises. It’s all hands on deck until your finances are sorted. Just make sure you don’t bother with government job websites. No respectable company would advertise positions on those sites. You need to check out relevant online job boards.



  • Seek professional help



There are thousands of financial professionals who could help to ensure you get back on track. You just need to find one with a good track record. You pay a small amount for their services, and then follow the plan they highlight. People working in that industry will not judge you. They will simply take a long and hard look at your accounts. They’ll work out where you can save money, and how you should progress. They’ll even make recommendations with regards to bankruptcy. That is not something you want to do lightly. However, sometimes it’s the only option left on the table.


With those tips under your belt, sorting your finances is achievable. You just need to create a plan and stick to it. You also need to throw all those credit cards in the bin. You simply can’t afford to spend money you don’t have any longer. Just look at the situation it’s got you in right now. Hopefully, our advice should ensure you become totally stable in less than one year. Those of you who have to file for bankruptcy will struggle for a while longer. Just bear in mind that you lose all control over your finances when that happens. The official receiver will take your bank accounts and determine how much you can spend.


We wish you the best of luck with your financial situation. It’s important you remember that all is not lost. There are always ways in which you can make improvements. You just need to identify the best course of action before moving forward.


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