Slimfast® 14-Day Challenge Results

So a few weeks ago I mentioned  I was going to start the Slimfast 14-Day Challenge in hopes to kick start my weight loss goals for the new year.

For 2 weeks I used SlimFast shakes for breakfast, and the SlimFast Meal Replacement Bars for lunch and ate a sensible dinner. 

The Meal Replacement Bars were very filling – with 8 grams of protein the bars helped fuel my day, and get me to dinner without feeling hungry.

The SlimFast shakes were a great replacement for a big breakfast. Though the drinks were a bit thick tasting to drink, a friend of mine recommended adding a banana and almond milk to a frozen shake, which made it especially delicious and filling.


I am excited to announce I lost 7 POUNDS during the 14-Day Slimfast® Challenge!




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