Must-Have Necessities for Traveling with Toddlers

Traveling can be a headache in itself, but traveling with a baby? If you’re not prepared, it can be a nightmare. But there is hope – making sure you are prepared and have all the must-have necessities on hand can make traveling with your little one a piece of cake.

From experience – and a few tips from my other traveling Moms, I have compiled a list of things that will make your travels a little bit more enjoyable.

Now first and foremost the biggest necessity to traveling with toddlers (or any children really) is a good attitude. If  they sense that you are stressed, irritated or mad, well, they will be the same. This is an adventure! Memories for a lifetime – planning ahead and being prepared along with a good attitude will make everything O.K. I promise.

Have tickets and check-in done ahead of time. Waiting in line is a big pain in the butt – but even worse with a little one. They are going to have to sit still and be quiet long enough on the plane – so make sure that you have your tickets printed, along with any itinerary, and get your  check-in done before you head out to the airport. This can save a ton of time waiting in line, and you get get to your gate and allow your toddler to relax and play before getting on your flight.

Entertainment. I have used the ‘fun bag’ trick for road trips and flights. My kids all get a fun bag that they use as their carry on in the plane. Though I allow them to pick a few things that they’d like to take – the  rest is a surprise! I will fill the bag with things to keep them entertained during the trip such as a new coloring book, a new DVD (for our portable DVD player which is completely a necessity) sticker books, travel games, books, and more. It’s one thing my kids have always looked forward to when we travel, and it definitely helps keep down the fits or the “I’m bored” factor for the older ones. Most of the time I’m able to keep them entertained by pulling out 1 item at a time from their bag as a surprise, and I time it with the flight or trip, so that they don’t run out of new fun stuff to entertain them before we land. If you are on a budget hitting up the dollar store is always a good idea – especially for toddlers!

Snacks and drinks. Kind of a no brainer, but I can’t tell you how many parents I’ve have seen forget to get snacks. Try to stay away from sugar (can we say hyper?!) and staying hydrated during flight is super important for little ones (and for you too!)

Car Seat Travel Bag. Having a sturdy car seat travel bag to protect your car seat from dirt (and germs of course) when you are traveling is very important. We all know that airports and airplanes are full of germs – that’s why I love the  car seat travel bag by AngelBaby.

The AngelBaby travel bag has a convenient carrying handle, a drawstring closure and adjustable lock for easy opening and closing which makes travel so much easier. The thing that sets AngelBaby travel bags apart from others is the DURABLE DOUBLE STRENGTH Polyester that it’s made out of, instead of the cheap nylon like so many others.

All in a Days Work readers can save 30% with coupon code: 30TMSN15 when you order through the AngelBaby website.


Taking the time to make these few steps will make traveling with your toddler so much easier.

What are your toddler traveling tips??

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