Six Tips to Make Your Teen a Better Driver

When your teen gets behind the wheel it can be a very scary, nervous time for parents – and no wonder. Teens crash 3x as often as drivers over 20 years old. But there are a few things you can do to that will put your mind at ease to help make your teen a better driver.

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Tip 1: Drive with them as much as possible
Studies show that young drivers who spend at least 110 hours of supervised driving before getting their license have a lesser chance of being in an accident. Make sure you practice with them as much as possible before they start driving alone.

Tip 2: Limit Passengers
If you remember being a teen – you know that having other kids in the car with your young driver can be distracting – adding additional risk. Talk to your kids about tuning out their friends while driving, or limiting the number of passengers they’re allowed to have in the car.

Tip 3: Talking about Texting
We know texting while driving is dangerous – and as much as you talk to your kids about it, some of them still do it. Ask them to be smart – use talk-to-text, have hands free answering set up, and you can even disable texts or apps being used in a moving vehicle (sometimes phones will also send an automated text stating the person is driving and will get back to them shortly). 

Tip 4: Never Question Seat Belts
This should be a question – make sure that your kids automatically know, no matter if they sit up front or in the back, if they are driving or not – that seat belts are just a part of getting in the car ; before the car is started, before the lights turned on, make sure everyone (not only themselves but their passengers) are buckled up! 

Tip 5: Offer to be the Mom Taxi – For all of Eternity
If your kids know that they can call Mom & Dad for a ride – no matter what the time – better decisions are mad. We tell them not to drink and drive, so we need to give them a way out. Even if they aren’t drinking there can be other situations that maybe their driver is, or they don’t feel comfortable. My kids know that no matter what they can call me and I will come get them. No questions asked, no punishment. They know no matter what, I just want them to make it home safe and sound.

Tip 6: Talk about other Distractions
Though we talk a lot about not drinking and driving, not texting and driver – there are other distractions that can be dangerous as well.Changing the GPS while driving, singing along with the radio loudly, or looking for a particular song, eating, checking make-up or hair – make sure that your teens know they should that even a second can be life altering and they need to pay attention 100% of the time.



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