Keeping Kids Safe In & Around Cars

With back to school right around the corner, and more kids than ever running around playing, getting to the school bus, etc, it’s important that we look at ways to help prevent accidents – which can be done following these simple tips.

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  • At least 50 kids are backed over by a vehicle every week! More than 60% of those involve larger vehicles that are harder to see behind such as trucks and SUV’s.
  • Younger kids can be unpredictable – they don’t really get the dangers of running away from their parents, not watching for cars backing out of driveways, or things like that. We have to keep in mind their is a blind zone behind our vehicles that can be more than 50 feet depending on your car – and a second blind zone within 6-8 feet of the front of the car.
  • One way to take extra precaution is to walk around your vehicle before you move it – there could be a kid playing behind it, or somewhere close to it, so that way you can make sure they move before you back out or move forward.
  • Teach your children that a ‘parked’ car can move at anytime – and that drivers may not be able to see them.
  • When your vehicle is parked, use your safety break to keep your vehicle from rolling away. 
  • Don’t allow your children to play or be near a parked vehicle – like outside a garage door. 
  • Consider purchasing a vehicle with (or adding) cross-view mirrors, rearview video camera, or audible collision detectors. 

The internet is a wonderful place – you can find great products such as the parking pal which you teach your child to put their hand on every time they get out of a vehicle until a parent or adult grabs their hand to go inside. To most small children its a game, and it can be a life saver for little ones who can get easily distracted when leaving a vehicle.

Kids like to climb into cars and pretend to drive – and though its cute and fun, it is possible for a child to knock the gear shift (especially if the keys are in the car). This is a huge reason to make sure that you keep your car locked at all times, and keys and remote openers are not readily available to little ones.


Never leave small children in a car – no matter how ‘quick’ you think you are going to be. Did you know an average of 38 kids die of heat stroke from being left in a hot car? Even if its a mild 70 degrees out, a car can reach 120 rather quickly – and a child’s temp rises 3 – 5x faster than an adults!




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