Road Secrets You’ll Wish You Already Knew

Think you know everything there is about driving? Think again, because there are plenty of little secrets that will make the roads safer, cheaper and keep you out of trouble. If you don’t believe that, then you definitely need to read this post. Then you can uncover some of the driving secrets that you wish you already knew about. Trust me, they’re going to make your life a lot easier.

Stopped By The Cops?

We’ll start with a big one. We all have that fear when we see flashing blue and white lights behind us on the roads. Will it pull me over? And, if it does, what on earth have I done wrong? We begin to backtrack through the night and remember we did have a couple glasses of wine with dinner. Am I over the limit? If this train of thought sounds familiar, you can take solace in one fact. You can refuse to take a breathalyzer or a blood test. A lawyer for any DWI charge can use a refusal to argue that the test was not valid in court. If you have this defense, it’s very unlikely that you’ll face any punishment at all.

You may also want to know that an unmarked car has no right to pull you over. This is because an unmarked car could be anyone. Feel free to keep driving until you feel as though it is safe to stop. You wouldn’t believe how many carjackings are attempted by people pretending to be the police.

Thirty Is Thirty

You might have heard that old theory that if you’re over the speed limit by less than ten percent, a cop won’t stop you. Or, you won’t get picked up by a speed camera. Don’t be so sure though because with modern cars police officers have decided that the tech is up to date enough to show the speed exactly. As such, there’s no reason for that ten percent different. Thirty is thirty which means that you could essentially get a ticket for traveling 32MPH in a 30 zone. Crazy and yet completely true. The good news is that you can contest this in court if you feel inclined. After all, it could be argued that a little over isn’t going to make that much difference.

It might also interest you to know that it’s a lot more difficult to get caught by speed camera than most people realize. Speed cameras are expensive to run and due to this most of them aren’t switched on or operational. But don’t assume no flash means no ticket. These days they work with infrared, so no flash is needed.

Tired Drivers Drift

Are you worried about getting in an accident on the road? It’s useful to know who the tired, inattentive drivers are and yes, they do exhibit signs. Tired drivers often drift without realizing it. It won’t be so drastic that they’ll swerve into other lanes, but it’s clear enough to see. Watch out for cars that seem to be slowly swaying. The driver isn’t keeping a tight enough grip on the wheel if this is the case.

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