Resume Writing Essentials for That Dream Job In 2017

It’s not always easy to write the perfect résumé. This accounts for the popularity of online resume builders, as the right one can really shorten the process and improve the results.
If you’re writing a resume on your own, you have to make sure that you include everything that your future employers and hiring managers want to see. Here’s a list of the essentials that your résumé must contain:
A serious design. This is a resume, and it’s a serious document that tries to prove your eligibility for whatever job it is you’re applying for. So while you may want to stand out in a stack of resumes, you want to make sure you stand out for the right reason. Your resume must convey that you’re taking the job seriously.
Readability. This means that you have to make sure that a normal person can and would want to read your resume. That means you need a readable font at a reasonable size, and then you need proper spaces in the document. You should have different sections and bullet points.
Keywords. Sometimes hiring managers just scan a resume looking for the right keywords that match their position. Others may use their computer to find the keywords in the many resumes they receive. So you need to practice your own version of SEO and make sure that your keywords are in the right place.
The keywords pertaining to position or skills that the hiring manager is looking for should be included, preferably several times so they don’t miss it. It should be in the header or the italicized part of your bullet points.
The most important info should be in the first page. There’s a debate as to whether a resume should be a single page or several pages. Some hiring managers feel that a single page may imply an inability to communicate properly, but others say that they don’t have time to check every page.
Whether you subscribe to the 1-page or 3-page theory, it’s obvious that you can cover your bases by making sure that everything that makes you a viable candidate for the job is in the 1st page.
Measure your success. You can’t say that you “did well” in your previous job, or that you were “successful” in the tasks you had to perform for your previous employers. You have to quantify just how well you did.
So if you helped increase sales, mention the percentage that the sales increased. You may have made a particular manufacturing process more efficient, so you can mention the time savings or how much money you cut from the expenses. You can mention the number of awards you’ve received.
If you really want to increase your success, then perhaps you may just want to use online resume builders instead. All the formatting essentials are already incorporated, so all you need to do is to supply the facts and the software will take care of the rest. It takes very little time and effort, but you have a greater chance of success getting that dream job for 2017.

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