Protect Your Home From The 4 Elements

How do you know if you are safe? The answer is straightforward, but not always satisfactory: In truth, you don’t know. This is exactly why you should take all the precautions you need to make sure that most risks are covered by a plan. It is especially true when you are thinking about your home, your nest, the place where you should always feel safe. Before considering leaving the house for another place that would make you feel more protected, you need to consider that risks are everywhere. Of course, you can choose the location that suits you best, but accidents are part of everyday life. That’s why you need to think of a plan against the most common accidents that involve the four elements: Air, water, fire, and earth.


Protected From The Air

Cold air is the Number 1 enemy of your energy bills. Whether it is due to poor insulation, old windows or a faulty heating system, cold air can invade your home and increase your energy costs dramatically. Additionally, in extreme circumstances, cold air can freeze the water in your pipes and cause expensive damages to your home system. The best way to stay protected is to use self heating cables that can regulate the temperature and keep the liquid flowing. For cold air in the house, start with a new insulation solution with modern materials, which you can set by yourself in a weekend.
Protected From The Water

Water is essential to everyday life, whether you use it for cooking, drinking or washing. However, the risk of diseases transmitted in the water, even though it is a rare situation, is still present. If you have any doubt, you can ask for a water testing kit if you are using a private well system or if you suspect that your domestic water is contaminated. The risk is especially high for young children, pregnant women, people with a weak immune system, and elderly people.


Don’t take any risk with your water

Protected From The Fire

Every year people die in a fire related incident. This tends to be related to an old house structure that facilitates the propagation of fire, as well as defect smoke alarms. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to fix the internal structure of your house, so the only option is to check that your smoke alarm is in working condition and that it is under 10 years of age. Your alarm should be replaced every 10 years. Don’t try to save money by keeping it for a little longer. A working smoke alarm might well be the difference between life and death.  


The dangers of fire

Protected From The Earth

Earthquakes may not be the first thing that pops into your mind, but they represent a tangible risk in the USA. However, earthquakes are not covered by your standard home insurance policy. You will need to take a separate quake insurance for your claim to be covered. So, it’s important that you research the record of earthquakes of your state to take an informed decision. For most states, the quake cover lies between $100 and $300 per year, which is a small fee if you happen to be hit.


When the earth goes from under your feet


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