Prom Dresses on a Budget

This year my daughter will attend her first dance – something I am probably more excited about then she is. Since I was home schooled through most of my high school career I didn’t have the opportunity to get all dressed up and dolled up and got to dance with my friends. So being able to experience this with my daughter is something I have dreamed about since she was little. Believe it or not, she hates to shop…but loves getting new clothes (go figure). So shopping online is always her go-to when she needs an outfit or dress for a special occasion. It’s easy to find what you are looking for online versus in store, plus I do agree avoiding crowded malls and shopping centers is a plus! With JenJenHouse, there are so many beautiful prom dress selections for all sizes!  In addition to that, each dress is available in a wide variety of colors, meaning the likelihood that someone else will have the same dress is significantly diminished. That is enough to make any girl want to order her dress specifically for her online.

The worst thing about shopping for a dress in the store is finding that perfect dress, trying it on, then looking at the price tag. Been there done that, and I’m a sucker when it comes to my kids. I didn’t want to go to Macy’s and walk out $300 poorer. We set her budget at $150 (with tax and shipping) and set out to find her the perfect dress.

This was my first pick for her – I love the one shoulder strap, the color, the length (not too short) and the neckline (no cleavage!) I love her in hot pink with her dark blonde hair and blue eyes, but she had other ideas. The nice thing about it is you can choose a style of dress and pick from many different colors! I still think I may pin this dress for my other daughter in a few years. It’s just too cute and only $129,99 which is a great deal on a prom dress!


The second dress we found was super cute, but maybe not as bright and Spring like as she would of wanted. What a steal for $99.99!

black white prom dress

But we finally found the perfect dress! Yellow is definitely her color ( again with the blue eyes, and she has the best skin – yes I am jealous) I can’t wait to see her in it! Quite a bargain at $128.99

yellow dress

Check out JenJen House and let us know what you find!

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