Potty Training Made Simple

When your kids are younger there is one thing that can frustrate even the most patient parents – potty training.

Potty training age is never set in stone – it depends on the physical and emotional readiness of the child. Some kids are ready and rearing at 2, some are quiet a bit older. Just remember that there isn’t a rush! Give it a try when you think they are ready – if they are great, if not, try it again in a few months. If you’re not sure if your child is ready or not, ask yourself these simple questions:

Is your child interested in the potty? Do they ask you questions about going, or are they interested in wearing underwear?

Can they follow and understand directions, and what using the potty means?

Do they know when they need to go? (I knew my son was ready when he started hiding behind the couch and crouching down to do a #2!)

Do they stay dry for long periods of time? (Mine would be bone dry and a few minutes later, leak through his diaper!)

Do they let you know when they need a diaper change?

If you answered yes to most of the questions above, your little one just may be ready to make that step into toddler-hood!


If they are ready, try these few simple steps to start them on their way to being diaper-free!

Get a Potty Chair. Potty chairs are convenient for many reasons;  If you are like me and only have one bathroom, it doesn’t matter how long your toddler needs to sit and wait – the bathroom is free for others to use. It’s portable – to get my son to actually start doing a #2 on his potty, we sometimes sat it in front of the T.V. so he could watch his shows and not get frustrated. It’s theirs – we know how sometimes toddlers don’t like to share, so having their own personal chair makes them want to use it even more.

Schedule Potty Breaks. Before you start the training process, pay attention to the times that your toddler needs a diaper change – sometimes they’ll take a #2 at the same time daily, so planning ahead can definitely help the process. Be sure to account for times you might not be home, and be prepared for any ‘accidents’.

Give Rewards. This was always my kids favorite part (of course I think it’s most kids favorite!). Setting up a reward chart can be a big motivator for toddlers. My oldest loved candy, though she didn’t have it often. We set up her chart for after 3 times going potty, she got to pick a piece of candy from her ‘special’ candy bowl. My son was obsessed with Hot Wheels so after a certain amount of days he was dry, or did really well, he got a Hot Wheel. Rewards are sometimes like magic!

Try Pull-Ups® Training PantsNothing makes a toddler feel more grown and ready to use the potty than ‘underwear’ just like Mommy or Daddy. Pull-Up Training pants gives them their independence and gives you peace of mind from messy accidents.


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