Litehouse Dressings: Bloggers Night Out

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions (like always) are my own.

So last week I had the privilege of being invited to a local bloggers night at at Bouquet Resturant  hosted by Litehouse Foods Bouquet is super cute restaurant and wine bar in Covington, in the Mainstrasse area.

Photo courtesy of Bouquet Restaurants website – I got there when it was pretty dark, and wasn’t able to take outside photos!

We were greeted with appetizers and drinks, and I have to say I was impressed. My most favorite appetizer was the cucumber slices with a dollop of guacamole and a pickled red onion. It was seriously delicious, and I probably could of just filled up on appetizers!

I don’t really drink much, but I did have a glass of sparkling wine with appetizers as we awaited our fun food demonstration.

We were lucky enough to have Lisa – NutriGirl a registered dietitian who runs the website  Sounds Bite Nutrition. She also does group nutrition lectures for companies (like Litehouse) meal planning, diet counseling and more.

I was impressed how knowledgeable she was about every ingredient she was using in the food demo. She made this really awesome Homestyle Apple Slaw which would of normally been out of my comfort zone – I mean apples, mint and ranch dressing?! To me, that sounded more like a combination that my son would put together playing Chopped with his sisters in the kitchen. But I was pleasantly surprised – it was super delish, and it’s on my list to make for grill outs this year.
After our food demo, well got ready for dinner – and lots of conversation. I was definitely in a room filled with talented and strong women! I learned a lot, and went away from the dinner inspired and motivated to be a better me – as a blogger, and as a healthier person.

We had a tasty salad, and some great options to chose from for our main course – chicken, salmon, or steak. I of course went with the steak.
Now I grew up where all the meat was thoroughly cooked to brown perfection lol. I’ve been working my way out of my comfort zone and trying steaks the way they are supposed to be eaten – medium rare.
If you are afraid of the pink (like I used to be) you need to stop it right now! Eating it cooked just right makes all the difference and you wouldn’t believe the flavors and overall experience in your mouth when you aren’t eating overcooked steak! (I am still working on my Mom with this – I’ll keep you updated on that).
We talked a bit about Litehouse Foods and their desire and mission to be a company that offers fresh, delicious products and as natural as possible. They don’t just offer dressings (which by the way, is my families favorite) but also dips, cheeses, herbs and now even cider! Since their products are all fresh with no preservatives, they are in the refrigerated section (which for me, I love. If I am getting ingredients for a salad, I want to get my dressing where I get my salad stuff as well). Their are GMO free, and most products are gluten-free as well (all the labels are clearly marked).
I love working with brands and companies that are looking out for me and my family – a product I can reach for, without worrying about whats inside.

We finished up our evening with some yummy bite size desserts. They even served one of my favorites – creme brulee!
I have to admit; I totally could of devoured like 5 or 6 of these lol. They were super delicious. It’s also one of my favorite desserts that I have yet to try at home (though thats something thats on my list for this summer!)
They also served us their signature pb&j brownie. I’m not sure why I’ve never thought of it! Brownies with peanut butter, jelly and whipped cream on top! (I may have to try this at home).
It was a great finish to an fun evening.

It was a great evening – and I think we all learned some new information when it comes to healthy eating, and that I have even more reason to love Litehouse Foods!
Remember Litehouse Food products can be found in the refrigerated section of your local grocery stores such as Kroger, Meijer, Walmart, and Target!

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