Motherhood Hacks to Help You Keep Your Sanity

Motherhood is one of the busiest jobs you’ll ever have. It is filled with long hours, breaks that are few and far between, and no financial reward. Although it is one of the toughest roles you’ll ever have, it is also one of the most rewarding. Here are some hacks that will save you money, time, and your sanity.
Organize Your Cleaning Supplies
Keep your household cleaners safe and out of reach of the little ones with a shoe organizer that you hang over your door. Be sure to place it over a door in a room that your children can’t get into.
Simplify Feeding Time
Make feeding time simpler by attaching a commando hook to the back of your child’s feeding chair. Instead of having to search frantically for a bib for your child to wear when it is time for them to eat, you can hang a bib onto the hook that is on the back of the chair so that it is easily accessible when you need it.
Organize Art Supplies
Keeping up with all of your child’s crayons and coloring books can be a challenge. Fortunately, if you happen to have an extra dish rack on hand, you can use it to keep all of your child’s art supplies in one place. The portion of the rack that is used for dishes can be used to store your child’s coloring books and the silverware cup is the perfect storage space for your child’s crayons and paint brushes.
Reuse Baby Jars
If you are tired of seeing all of those empty baby jars pile up, why not use them as extra storage containers. They make great spice containers. You can even spruce them up by decorating them so they match your kitchen decor.
Slip Resistant Shoes
Keep your kid from slipping and sliding all over the house in bare feet with slip resistant shoes and socks. Since they can be rather pricy, you can always make your own with a glue gun and some house shoes or socks. Write out your child’s name on the bottom of their slippers and socks. Allow them to dry completely before letting your child wear them.
Wrapping Paper Storage
Do you always seem to end up with a ton of leftover wrapping paper from holidays, birthdays, and special occasions? Here is an easy way for you to store them so they are in great shape for future use. Take an empty tissue or paper towel roll and cut it open right down the middle. Place one around each wrapping paper roll to keep them from unraveling and becoming damaged.
DIY Electrical Covers
If you keep misplacing your plug outlet covers, here is an easy way for you to keep them covered and keep your child safe. Place a band aid or some duct tape over each electrical plug outlet. Even though your electrical outlets will be completely covered, you should still keep a good eye on your child.
Add More Space Into Your Bags
Get more space into your luggage, gym bags, and diaper bags by rolling your clothes first. This creates more space for other essentials that you may need. It also makes it easier for you to pack lighter, which can be a big benefit if you plan on going anywhere by plane.
Stay Healthier
Keep everyone in your family in the best of health by incorporating more healthy foods into your diets. When researching which health foods to add, be sure to check out the Facebook pages of the companies that manufacture them. For example, the Hampton Creek Facebook page has a lot of information about the company, its foods, and charity efforts.
Dry Wash Your Hair
Finding the time to wash your hair can be hard when you constantly have little ones underfoot. Thanks to dry shampoo, you don’t need a lot of time to wash or dry your hair anymore. When you are tired of your hair looking and feeling greasy and dirty, use a little dry shampoo to get it back in shape so you can feel more beautiful and refreshed.
Utilizing these hacks will make it easier for you to enjoy a little bit of freedom and more of the little things that make motherhood such a rewarding role. No matter how old your child is, don’t forget to live, laugh, and breathe often. One day you’ll look up at your child will be looking to you for advice on how to make their jobs as parents easier.

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