Making Potty Training Fun

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Potty training can be one of the hardest transitions for little ones – It’s not something they do once and they have it down. Sometimes it can take weeks – even months – for them to learn, and even then well, accidents happen.

There are some ways to help both you and your little one with the transition and instead of making it a stressful situation -bring a little fun into it! Not only will it help your child relax, but believe it or not, it will help you too!

When we first started off on our potty training adventure, we took a trip to the library for some books & videos to really introduce them to potty training and how awesome it is. You know if Elmo tells you to be a big boy or girl, you want to be a big boy or girl!

When I knew that we would be at home for a long period of time, I would let my kids ‘streak’ – well almost. They would wear a long shirt, and no bottoms so that if they could actually feel the air, and also would stimulate them wanting to go to the bathroom. Since there isn’t anything there to ‘catch’ an accident, they were a lot more likely to go running for the potty instead of continuing to play as their diaper filled up. My oldest caught on to this and would go put her own pull-up on, so it might not work for everyone!

Charts and stickers (as well as rewards) worked pretty well for all of my children. I would give them a sticker for making an effort (even if it resulted in a slight accident) and a gold star for no mess at all – they all wanted those gold stars, so it definitely helped with remembering to go. They cashed in their stickers for cool undies with super heroes or princesses on them – (shh! They don’t need to know I was buying them anyway!)

For my son ‘sinking the ship’ was quite entertaining for fact, he still likes to do it on occasion. Keep a small box/container of cereal (Cheerios works best) and throw a few into the toilet. Let him aim to sink the ship – and I promise you your little guy will spend plenty of time in the bathroom!

Buy fun/colorful Pampers EasyUps . Easy Ups have been a life saver for all three of my kids. Nothing makes them feel more like a big boy or  girl, than putting on ‘big boy’ or ‘big girl’ undies like Mom and Dad. Pampers EasyUps gives them the freedom to feel grown up, whether at home, in the  car, or at the store – and you the peace of mind knowing that Pampers Easy Ups has 5-star leak protection – so you know you won’t have an embarrassing mess to clean up!



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