Busy Mom? Here’s How To Stay Fit And Healthy

Want to get fit and healthy but don’t think you can fit in the time because you are looking after the kids? Read on to find out some simple ways to tackle this problem.


Walk Everywhere


Walking everywhere is your first step to fitness after you have had a baby. As tempting as it might be to drive everywhere, you will save time and build up your fitness more if you use your feet rather than your wheels. Walking burns a serious amount of calories, especially if you walk at a good pace. You will also be pushing a stroller weighed down with diaper bags, bottles and spare clothes, so think of all that great toning you will miss out on if you get in the car.


Stroller Fitness


Stroller fitness is a bit of a new craze that has become very successful with new mothers. Having time away from the baby can be a stressful time for you and the newborn. Any fitness exercises that you can do when you are together are going to be a bonus. Plus, you have the added benefit of getting some much-needed adult company. It’s nice to talk to someone who not only understands what you say, but also how you feel! Other moms who are in exactly the same situation as you. It’s great for the self-confidence and, of course, your health.


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Yoga is an amazing way to develop your core strength – something that many women lose while pregnant! There are hundreds of DVDs or online videos that can teach you the basics, and it is something you can do while the kids chill out with a good book or a game. You can even do it when they have gone to bed, safe in the knowledge that it is a much quieter activity than a full-on workout. There is far less chance you will wake the kids when you aren’t jumping around like a lunatic!


Health Insurance Marketplaces


Part of staying fit and healthy is feeling reassured. You need to be safe in the knowledge that if you become ill or have an accident, it won’t cost you your entire life savings. Now you have children, it might be time to look into your health insurance. If things don’t quite suit your situation anymore, looking into a health benefit exchange could be good for you. Health insurance exchanges are online marketplaces where you can work out the best insurance plans for your circumstances. They can also help you find cost assistance for certain medical areas.


Ask For Help


Many new mothers want to believe that they can do everything for themselves. They will often think that they shouldn’t ask for help and that they would look weak for doing so. But asking for help is not weak. In fact, it is sensible! People will be glad to help you out when you are feeling the pressure, and it will give you the time you need for a brisk walk, run, or a workout. If having some time out will help you keep sane and healthy enough to look after your children, it is nothing to be ashamed about.

How did you get fit after your pregnancy? Why not help other moms by sharing your experiences?


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