Life’s too short – why do we insist on rushing it??

As I stalked browsed thru my friends Facebook status this morning, I noticed one common theme. Everyone was wishing, praying, crying for Monday to be over..before it even started.

I can tell you that I have been guilty of the same; and this morning could of very well qualified for one of those days. I hit snooze on my alarm clock at 6:45, to wake up to the sun shining on my face…I knew right then there was a problem. I grabbed my glasses, checked my phone, and sure enough, I had overslept! It was already 8 a.m.! I jumped up and starting yelling for the kids to get up since we need to leave the house by 8:30! We run outside at 8:45 to find a flat tire! Yeah it was one of those..but for some reason I didn’t lose my temper, I didn’t scream or cuss or lose my mind. My Mom called and was nice enough to meet me to take the kids to school (all 3 of them, at 2 different locations) and I headed to work. I didn’t speed, I didn’t have road rage. I just turned on the radio and made my way to work.

lifes too short
My co-worker is a saint. He is a 68 yr old man who promised his mother-in-law on her death bed that he would take care of his mentally handicap brother-in-law. He has kept that promise, but since this past August life has gotten rough for the guy. His BIL was diagnosed with every kind of cancer imaginable, and he’s watching him die. Slowly, day by day his condition worsens. He lost his speech last week. He can’t eat. He has lumps and bumps and pain so unimaginable that I just want to sob when I hear the hell he’s going through.

His family prays that each minute feels like an hour, that each hour feels like a day. They are treasuring every single second that they have with him until he passes.

How can we, as Mother’s, Father’s, grandparents, etc., want to rush the days that our kids actually want to be around us?? Why do we rush the days that we will never get back again?

I want to challenge everyone to re think your Monday’s, your Tuesday’s, your bad days. Cherish each day that you have! In an instant your whole life could be turned upside down. Enjoy these days, because you never know when it may be your last!

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3 Responses to Life’s too short – why do we insist on rushing it??

  1. Lydia says:

    You know what, you’re right. I need to SLOW down and enjoy what I have NOW. I’m ready for this baby to be born, but I have 9 more weeks (maybe) of a little peace and quiet and the two kids I have now. Thanks for this reminder!

  2. Every Friday I think “Where did the week go?”. For me, it’s about stopping and smelling the roses (or so the saying goes). My kids are going to be teenagers before I know it and I don’t want to look back and wonder where the time went. Perfect timing for this reminder.

  3. Christine Mayfield says:

    I have been thinking that these past few Mondays whenever I read all the complainers about how fast the weekend has gone. I always think ‘uhh hello of course it is fast it is only 2 days!’. I am finding life more enjoyable when I take it day by day rather than constantly ask ‘is it the weekend yet’.

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