Learning & Fun with Mickey’s Magical Math World App

Let’s face it  – nowadays it’s nearly impossible to keep your kids off electronics. They love to play games, watch videos, or even videos that show you how to play the games. Though I limit the amount of time my kids spend on their tablets and on the computer, I always love it when I can incorporate their play time with something educational.

Mickey’s Magical Math World gives kids the chance to join Mickey and the gang on an adventure through space to explore match concepts in a magical setting. Targeted for kids ages 3-8, the app helps kids explore, recognize, and identify shapes on Mickey’s Rocket. They can play with numbers and patterns in Minnie’s Robot Playground, learn early number concepts with Donald’s Aliens Number and, explore counting and learn problem solving with Donald’s Sleepwalking Aliens and play with shapes and patterns and learn sorting skills with Goofy.


What’s different about Mickey’s Magical Math World and other educational apps, Disney introduces your child to the fundamentals through an interconnected system of apps that build upon each other to reinforce the learning in playful ways.

My son was excited that I wanted him to try out Mickey’s Magical Math World and tell me what he thought (he loves it. It’s as much fun as it is learning, and he said he didn’t even get bored!)


In addition to the fun digital app for kids, parents can engage with Disney and keep an eye on their children’s progress.  The parents app, Disney Imagicademy  has a free community parent portal, free Disney Store events, books, magazines, and hands on learning tools to help progress your  childs knowledge. Just like the Mickey’s Magical Math World, the Disney Imagicademy app is available exclusively for iPad and can be found in the the app store under Kids, Education and Entertainment category.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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