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If you are like me you do your best to save s much money as possible on all your purchases – which anymore means you’re carrying around a wallet full of loyalty cards to every store that you’ve ever shopped at! In fact, before I found out about Softcard I carried a separate wallet just for loyalty cards & credit cards.

Softcard is a free app that lets you pay using your phone. You upload your loyalty/rewards card info, credit card info  and you can receive special offers that are only accessible via the app. (and don’t worry, Softcard uses state of the art technology and layers of technology to protect your personal information so your information is always safe.).


There are more than  275,000 participating retailers that accept Softcard, and more growing each day. The ease and convenience alone make this app worth downloading, and the special offers are just icing on the cake.

The app is simple to use, download, register, set a pin, and start adding cards! Softcard can be downloaded on Android and Window devices with AT&T , T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless service providers.

Recently on a trip to the mall I decided to give Softcard  a try. What I loved is I left my purse and wallet in the car, and just carried my phone. It made it a lot easier to shop, and of course a lot easier to carry all those bags around!
It’s easy to pay using your Softcard (or even rack up those reward points) you just hold the back of your phone to the payment terminal – and that’s it! Simple!


Not only can you get some great savings on holiday purchases, but Softcard rewards you for everyday purchases as well. My favorite so far? $1 credit for every McCafe drink I’ve bought at McDonalds.  I absolutely love my iced coffees, and it’s fun to scan my app knowing I’m saving money!

If you still aren’t sure, or you have more questions about how Softcard works, check out their new mascot Tappy. Tappy is there to help you learn more about Softcard’s capabilities, as well as the many benefits to downloading the app. Check out the video of Tappy below!

Have you downloaded the Softcard App yet?

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