Keep Going and Going and Going with Energizer Max & Walmart



 There is one thing that makes me happier than my kids when they open a battery-operated birthday or Christmas gift. Seeing the batteries taped to the box, or wrapped next to it! As I make my list and check it twice, I always include the batteries needed for each gift. So when I see a deal for Energizer Max batteries I jump on it!

Right now at Walmart to celebrate Energizer Max Bunny 25th Birthday, purchase 2 specially marked Energizer Max batteries and receive a $10 Walmart gift card!


#BunnyBirthdayWMT #shop #cbias

 I’m excited about the deal I found on batteries (I had a coupon!) and also the $10 Walmart gift card that I will gift to myself – don’t judge me – I plan to use it towards gift wrap and bows and bags to put all those gifts and batteries in. That’s $10 I don’t have to spend on tape and all that, so I’m pumped!
#BunnyBirthdayWMT #shop #cbias
My son has been begging me for one of those remote control helicopters, and of course my husband couldn’t just get him the cheap one. Have you ever seen how many batteries those suckers take? 8 double A’s! Just for the remote that controls it and normally I need to buy two times what it takes because he leaves them on all night, or plays with it for like twenty hours straight. So 16 batteries are going in with his helicopter!
He’s 5 now, so he thinks that he  can do everything himself, and truth be told, he does some of it better then me! When I was trying to figure out how to get the back off the remote, he walks up and says “Hold on Mom, I got this” and then proceeds to put the batteries in his helicopter himself!
#BunnyBirthdayWMT #shop #cbias
 One thing with kids – you never ever, I repeat, NEVER EVER want to not provide, not have the right size, or not have enough batteries.
Always keep at least 4 of each battery type on hand, at any point of time, whether it’s a  birthday celebration, the Christmas holidays, or just summer break. You may even have to rob the LeapPad to operate the remote control car – but it’s OK! They can only play with one thing at a time anyway.
Keep batteries in a cool, climate controlled area. I’ve tried storing batteries in our basement and in the summer they get all icky and don’t work!
Stock up on batteries at Walmart and take advantage of $10 Walmart gift card reward. There is a limit of 4 per household, (that’s $40 Walmart Bucks!)  and the deal is going on through August 14th, 2014.
Remember to keep your eye out for specially marked packages!
 #BunnyBirthdayWMT #shop #cbias

 The helicopter (along with the bag full of batteries) made my little guy happy,happy, happy!

#BirthdayBunnyWMT #shop #cbias

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6 Responses to Keep Going and Going and Going with Energizer Max & Walmart

  1. mnmspecial says:

    My husband wants a helicopter like this. Cool deal on the batteries.

  2. irishred13 says:

    Batteries, yes thanks for the reminder to make sure I have them ready for Christmas morning, great deal too 🙂

  3. Patty H says:

    Aww he looks so happy with the helicopter. Good thing the bunny will keep it going longer!

  4. Lydia says:

    We always run out of batteries!!

  5. Elisebet F says:

    Thanks for letting us know! I will keep my eyes out. We try to stock up on batteries, because I hate it when you run out and have to go to the store JUST for batteries!

  6. Omgosh his face is priceless! So happy he did it himself! I have to buy batteries in batches or we run out of them faster then the laundry detergent around here.

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