Jif to Go Dippers help you #GetGoing

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I was shopping at Target after church a few weeks ago, and of course we were all starving. We were picking up some groceries, and a few other items for the week and I really wasn’t sure that my kids (Ok myself either) would make it the 20 minute drive home and the time it was going to take me to whip dinner together. I decided to grab a snack and low and behold on the end cap I found exactly what I have been waiting for – a peanut  butter ‘to go’ snack. (insert angels singing here). Jif To Go Dippers.

On super-Mom days I have my Jif peanut butter in my tupperware container, and a baggie of celery and pretzels packed for snacks, or the kids lunches (or mine). But unfortunately Super Mom days don’t happen quite often. Sometimes I just need some quick, healthy snacks that I can give my kids in a quick hurry without the guilt. In fact, sometimes I just need a quick, healthy snack without the guilt.. and who doesn’t love peanut butter??


With less than 250  calories each, these dippers pack a punch. They come in 2 different yummy flavors – Creamy Peanut Butter and wait for it… Chocolate Silk. 

I bought a few packs, and they have been life savers for me while I’ve been busy (but starving) at work, and the kids love them in their lunch ,or as an afternoon snack. They don’t need to be refrigerated, so you can keep them in your emergency bag in the car, or in your desk at work (I just may have a few of those in mine right now). They are easy to open, so even my 6 year old can open them without any problems.

Life is hectic enough, so let Jif to Go Dippers help you #GetGoing

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