Is Your Connection Secure??

I am a F-Secure Freedome Ambassador because I believe in my right to privacy – and freedom on the internet.

We live in a great era – you can access anything and everything all of the time. Forgot to pay your utility bill and your on your way out of town? Jump on and pay it on your phone. Can’t remember if you used your credit or debit card for that last purchase? Access your online checking account or your credit card account online on your tablet. We have information at our fingertips with the touch of a button -but is it safe??


There are a lot of great spam filters and ‘security’ apps out that say they protect all of your private information – but hackers always seem to find a way to get in. Just today a friend of mine told me she received a text message that her bank account was charged for over $3,000 to Sigapore Airlines (most definitely wasn’t her.) She believe her debit card number was hacked when she used it to pay a bill on her phone so she wouldn’t forget by the time she got home…sound familiar??

With F-Secure Freedome, they offer you the peace of mind – even when you’re connected to the free Wifi at Starbucks. More than a VPN solution Freedome keeps you secure and private no matter how you connect to the web. It also lets you chose virtual location that gives you access to geo-restriced content anywhere in the world. All you have to do is press a  button.

Freedome is available for all Android, iOS, Macs, and Kind Fire devices!

So what are you waiting for? Get a FREE 3 month trial with code: qhh42f

Keep an eye out next week for an iPad Mini 16 GB with wifi and year of Freedome Giveaway!

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