5 Ways to Incorporate Exercise into Everyday Life

With spring and summer upon us, everyone is on a health kick and trying to get beach bod we all long to have. Well exercising can be hard for some of us! Not only is it difficult to get into a work out routine, but sometimes we have other commitments that are more important, such as working a lot or children or so many other things! Well, lucky for us that are busy, or maybe even just too lazy here is some easy ways to work some exercise into your everyday routine. Let’s get active and start getting healthier, in a simple way!


1.       Get walking a bit more, whether it may be taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or maybe even just parking a bit further away from the entrance than you normally would, in fact park as far away as possible. The walk won’t hurt ya!

2.       If you have a desk job, instead of sitting in your normal chair, bring an exercise ball in to work and sit on that instead. Keeping your balance on that and even try bouncing a bit, you’ll be surprised on how much of a little workout that is.

3.       Take a walk on your break. I don’t know about you guys, but I get two breaks throughout the day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, and I take that opportunity to take a short walk around. Any small movement increase will help you to shed the pounds.

4.       Maybe you’re a stay at home mom, or the mom that has to rush to the grocery store after work. Try wearing ankle weights when you go to do these simple tasks. The weights, even if they’re small weights, will help to build up the muscles in your legs while you get your errands done!

5.       Try doing jumping jacks or other simple workouts while you’re watching TV. Who says you can’t get a workout in along with not missing out on your favorite show? You could even just do them during those dreaded commercials while you’re waiting for your show to return, trust me this is a fantastic workout!

See, these are all really simple workouts that you can fit into your everyday life. You don’t have to make some extra time to do a full on workout routine. I promise, doing these simple things will make you feel so much better, and help the weight start to fall off.
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