Ice Cream Playdough

This SUPER simple recipe for Ice Cream Play dough will have the kids busy for hours and having tons of fun, it’s safe, it’s edible and best of all it won’t melt.  ☺


  • Frosting (any color or flavor you choose)
  • Powdered Sugar

Ingredients (3)

In a mixing bowl combine 1 cup of frosting with 2 ¾ cups of powdered sugar.  Using the dough hook attachment on your mixer, mix until well combined.  You will notice it will start to look just like you’re mixing up ice cream.  

In Process 3 (1)

If your mix still feels sticky to the touch, slowly add powdered sugar 2 tablespoons at a time until it can be picked up without sticking to your hands.  If your mix is too dry and crumbly add a small amount of olive oil and your problem is solved!  


That’s it!  Enjoy ☺

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