How to Make Your Workspace More Environmentally Friendly

We’re all becoming more environmentally conscious yet many of us use energy saving light bulbs and have three different recycling bins at home but don’t think twice about drinking our coffee in a paper cup.  So, we’ve put together some helpful tips on how you can make your workspace more environmentally friendly:





  • Use green materials

One of the best ways to make your workspace more environmentally friendly is by switching to recycled materials such as paper, envelopes, paper towels and toilet roll.  This simple yet effective way of becoming environmentally friendly in the workplace will save thousands of trees every year!


  • Turn off equipment at the end of the day

A computer is essential for us to conduct business, but leaving it on overnight when nobody is even in the office just wastes unnecessary power so make sure you switch it off when you leave the office at the end of the day.  Even if you’re away for just a short period of time you should set your computer to sleep mode because it can save 60% to 70% of power.


  • Recycle

If your office throws a large amount of paper in the waste bin each day you should definitely speak to the office manager about recycling.  Think of all the trees it would save!  An even better option would be to go completely paperless apart from essential documents that need to be in hard copy.  For instance, you could use email rather than sending out letters to clients and you could put your company’s newsletter and other publications on your website where they can be downloaded.


Aside from paper there are loads of other things you could recycle in the office.  For example, a recycling bin could be installed in the break area for empty cans.  You could even recycle your old office furniture by donating to a local charity who might be short of desks and filing cabinets.


  • Use reusable cups

You should stop using disposable cups at work whether it’s for your morning coffee or to get some water from the water cooler.  Instead, you should use a washable mug for your coffee and if you need a drink from the water cooler you should fill up a reusable bottle with water instead of taking one of the plastic cups.


By taking these simple steps not only will you protect the environment but you’ll save your company money.  Going green is also a great corporate social responsibility strategy that could set you apart from your competitors.


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