How to Make the Transition from Breast to Bottle..and Back Again

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Munchkin LATCH products.

Most of us realize that when possible, breastfeeding is the best option for our babies. Whether you are a SAHM, or you work – inside or outside of the home – at some point you’re not going to be there to feed your little one every single time. My job doesn’t offer any type of maternity leave, so with each of my kids I’ve just taken 2 weeks off and then back to work. Breast feeding was important to me, and I was worried that my babies wouldn’t take well to transition from breast to bottle – and back again.

The last thing you need to worry about when you are away is that your baby can’t or won’t eat because they aren’t able to get used to a bottle nipple. I know I would call my Mom (aka my sitter) while I was at work every few hours at  feeding time to see how they were doing.


That’s why I am so excited to tell you all about the Munchkin Latch bottles & pacifiers. Not only are the nipples shaped just like a breast, but they also stretch, pump and move just Mommy’s!

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The Munchkin LATCH bottle is designed to help with your breastfeeding goals. The one-of-a-kind LATCH nipple helps the baby latch easily and correctly. It helps ease the baby’s transition from the breast to bottle and back. The LATCH bottle mimincs mom’s breast by releasing more breast milk as the baby pushes against the nipple’s base. The Stage 1 LATCH nipple flow is designed with a reduced rate, and stages 2 and 3 are available allowing you to increase the flow as your baby grows.


The LATCH bottle also helps reduce colic; the LATCH nipple flexes as the baby moves their head, maintaining the latch but decreasing the air intake. The anti-colic valve at the bottom of the LATCH bottle allows breast milk to flow while ensuring that the air bubbles don’t travel through which helps reduce gas and fussiness (Score 1 for Mom!)

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I love that they also made Munchkin LATCH pacifers with the same nipple!!

Munchkin LATCH products are available at Target and Babies ‘R’ Us. But you can choose your bottle size and nipple stages to fit your baby’s feeding needs exclusively at – You can also get a great discount when you buy more bottles online, save up to 15% on your LATCH bottle purchases!



This post is brought to you by Munchkin LATCH as part of the #LoveLatch campaign.

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22 Responses to How to Make the Transition from Breast to Bottle..and Back Again

  1. rachellemama says:

    Now this is a product that every mom should know about! What an awesome idea. I wish I would have known about these when my daughter was a baby!

  2. I bottle fed both of my boys from day one. I imagine it’s hard to get them to switch from one to the other.

  3. That’s a really great idea. It can be difficult for a baby to adjust from the breast to the bottle. They’re completely different animals.

  4. Neither of my children had issues with their bottles. I breast fed them but they took bottle at day care.

  5. Jeanine says:

    Great post! My youngest has never touched a bottle and he’s Boobie obsessed. My 2nd youngest did really well with both breast and bottle with pumped milk but then started refusing a bottle at about 4 months!

  6. Catherine S says:

    This is great information. I was pretty sick after I had my son so I wasn’t able to breastfeed. This sounds like a great bottle.

  7. Liz Mays says:

    What a great device. This sounds like it would help a lot. I had no idea this was available!

  8. Pam says:

    These bottles are so much nicer than the ones I used when my kids were little. I had to bottle feed my kids thanks to health issues.

  9. Marcie W. says:

    How wonderful that there are products that can assist every parent and baby, regardless of specific needs. Those anti-colic valves would have been a lifesaver for me!

  10. Jaime says:

    We were fortunate to have a great breastfeeding relationship. When my boy started daycare, he took to the bottles just fine, and thankfully had no issues nursing when I was home. I’m glad they have products like this to make things easier for moms and babies!

  11. I bottle fed my son but they didn’t have these type of bottles when he was born. I think they are perfect for reducing colic.

  12. tracey says:

    Wow, that device looks like a lifesaver! Thanks for these great transitioning tips.

  13. Lucy Mills says:

    I use Lansinoh mOmma but this looks good too.

  14. yumeating says:

    Great post. I have been hearing quite a bit about Latch brand lately. I don’t have a need for the product, but I sure know plenty who do.

  15. Ora Lee Gurr says:

    It’s hard to believe it has taken so long to develop a bottle nipple similar to Mom’s. Munchkin Latch is going to help a lot of babies feel more comfortable at feeding time.

  16. This would make the transition from breast to bottle so much easier. I was able to breast feed both of my kids.

  17. Marina John says:

    This looks like an awesome bottle. I know transitioning was difficult for us to. Especially going back and forth.

  18. Sounds like a great bottle. I am sure this will help many new moms.

  19. Rosey says:

    I like that it helps reduce Colic. It sounds great in many ways, actually!

  20. Christie says:

    This bottle looks so much nicer than what I had for my babies. I had the hardest time transitioning between breast and bottle

  21. Shell Roush says:

    What a great product! I had such a hard time with bottles when mine were babies.

  22. Very cool. This is exactly the kind of thing I was searching for when I was nursing. Great product.

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