How to Determine the Best Skip Bin Size

Probably the most important decision when ordering a skip bin rental is determining which size you’ll need. There are a multitude of selections ranging from as small as mini to as large as 12 cubic meters. The indication is that each cubic meter is comparable to the volume of a standard trailer bed.


Some people find the size a complex decision and, of course, you don’t want to spend more than is necessary. But it’s wise to have a general idea of the amount of waste you’re going to have overall and book a bin that’s larger than those exact needs. 


The reason to do this is that you cannot overfill the waste container. Any excess will be left behind for you to either contend with or order another service to finish cleaning up the leftover debris. It’s ultimately much more budget-friendly to hire a more substantial bin than you require instead of ending up having to book a second time to clean up the remaining debris. You never know, you might find a use for the extra space when you go bigger. Follow for advice on hiring the right service for your needs. 


How Do You Know Which Skip Bins Are Suited For Your Needs?


More people are finding advantages to using skip bin services not only due to the cost savings, but because the waste management method is convenient and environmentally friendly. 


The popularity has been steadily growing due to the fact that you can eliminate a lot of waste in one load if you’re a business owner, and for households, they’re ideal for maintenance of gardens, whole-house cleaning, remodels, or simply decluttering an overcrowded space. 


Based on the degree of labor that you intend to perform and how much waste you’ll need to remove will determine the size skip bin necessary to contain it all. Some of the most common bins used are listed below:


** The Marrel


These are used for both commercial and residential purposes. It is among the most commonly used in the skip bin line with sizing ranging from 2 to 17 cubic meters. The sides are typically higher, but the length is shorter than other container options. 


The box can generally fit into an area approximately spaced for a car, but when the service professionals deliver these to you, you should always anticipate clearance area for a truck hauling the bin with no hazards and plenty of space for staff to work. 


** The Hook-Lift


A Hook-lift is so noted because of the way it’s loaded on the truck that delivers the item. There is a substantial hydraulic hook located on the back of the delivery truck that “grabs” the bin and will “roll” it either on or off the back. 


These containers are sized from “4m3” upwards of “30m3”. It offers a rectangular body with doors that open at the rear for occasions where a bobcat might be required to access the container.


While hook-lifts are available for large residential projects such as auctioned estates, these are primarily used for commercial or industrial materials.


** The Mobile


A mobile container is used in situations where the location is a challenge such as within a garage, underneath a carport, or in underground parking garages for a commercial location. These can also be used on council’s property without a permit because it is road registered with the only cost being your hire fee for the bin. 


The mobile comes with a lid that locks so no one can add waste to your rented container. The term “mobile” is relevant for this piece because these offer a convenience unlike any of the other units as they can be moved to your work area for loading instead of needing to carry your waste to the skip. These restrict the waste to light green, building materials like dry timber, and general waste.


There is no allowance for heavy materials like concrete, bricks, rubble, soil, or anything of these types of consistency. The units come in either 3 or 4 cubic meters, but the weight is limited for safer hauling.


** Bags


Some skip services offer bags as an alternative to the containers. These are a convenient, affordable option if you want to benefit from the services but are on a restrictive budget. The same type of things you can put inside a container can go into a bag. 


The sizes offered are 1, 2, and 3m3. The bags themselves are exceptionally lightweight, offer no restraints as far as time, and create no type of damage or staining to walkways, concrete, or driveway areas. The bags are particularly useful in a small, confined space.


Type of Waste You’re Disposing


It might not seem critical to most residents as far as the type of rubbish you’re ridding your home or business of, but the Australian government has very strict regulations on handling and reducing waste that need to be followed.

For the most part, residents can usually select between a mix or general bin which works for the household rubbish or green waste, but commercially for items like concrete, bricks, soil, or other types of heavy building supplies, you would use a mixed-waste container. While there are a wide range of types you can choose from, it’s best to speak with someone and let them know what you have for a more educated decision. Hazardous materials will likely not be taken in a skip bin.

Final Thought


  1. When you decide to search for a skip bin service websites like for your waste needs, make sure that you order a bin a size larger than you anticipate you’ll need. You might not want to spend more than what is necessary, but in the end, you’ll appreciate the space and what will actually be a cost savings. 


In most situations, whether it be a house deep clean or a remodel or even garden maintenance, people tend to do more than what they originally plan. You will likely fill up the additional space in the larger size with the potential to have a little rubbish still remaining. 


You don’t ever want to shortchange yourself and have to pay twice for services because you underestimated. The rule in any equation is to always round up.

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