How quickly can you actually lose weight? A Non-Scientific Argument

Trying to find out weight-loss stats on the internet is like running through a bazaar shouting ‘Scam me!’ They can’t all be genuine, but can we find out any truth from all this weight-loss-blog flab.
I’m always suspicious when reading weight-loss blogs on the internet, usually because they claim that an unreasonably small amount of exercise, sometimes none at all, can result in your losing weight, gaining mass and fitness.
Breaking the speed myths
Let’s start by pumping out some of the lies with a bit of truth and some logical thinking. All forms of exercise, and attempts to change ourselves physically are attempts to improve our health, unless we’re extremely self-destructive that is.
Being healthy involves a whole host of things in your life, such as:
Balanced diet
Keeping things like alcohol & cigarettes out or monitored
Exercise (who’d have thought)
The list goes on and isn’t that important for the point we’re making, but you get the picture.
Most of those are to be expected of anyone wishing to maintain their current life and health, but the big on in the middle, exercise, is the important one when it comes to changing your physical state.
Going nowhere without it
You & I are probably aware of this already, but it can’t be made clear enough that nothing will happen without some level of exercise. The idea of this is to find out how much exercise is needed to lose weight, and how long that amount takes to start doing something, but there has to be something.
That means all the blogs claiming you can increase your fitness without moving are, surprise surprise, liars.
Ask how reliable the people giving the information is
We don’t want to tempt a libel case by giving examples, but if your fitness advice is coming from a shoddy site that looks like it hasn’t changed since Victorian times then you’d be hard pushed to glean anything useful from it.
There are still useful sites out there though, the NHS being a pretty flippin’ reliable one, so have a look at that for advice. It also questions weight-loss methods that can happen too fast and cause problems with health.
How quickly can it be done healthy then?
While small benefits such as happiness and alertness may be obvious quickly, you should expect real results to start showing from four to six weeks into a new routine of exercise and healthy living.
If you wanted to lose weight with fat loss supplements the results will obviously show further towards the start of that scale, which is a great thing if you’re worried that a lack of immediate results could hinder your confidence in what you’re doing.
That’s how simple it is, really. Obviously there are some elements of a healthy routine that are impossible or too difficult to achieve for some, but doing as many as possible will certainly give you the best chance to see results within a few weeks.


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Laura is a 21 year old graduate living in Liverpool

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  1. LC Mortimer says:

    I think one of the biggest things to remember is that not everyone loses fast. Most people lose a lot the first week or two, but then it slows. When you don’t see results, it’s easy to give up.

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