Happy Bodies & Healthy Tummies with UpSpring Probiotics

This is a sponsored post; though I was compensated for my time all opinions are my own.

As parents we do our best to provide our kids with everything they need to grow up happy and healthy – we love on them, we make sure they get enough sleep, that they have toys that will stimulate their brains, and feed them nutritious foods so they can grow up strong and healthy. But sometimes these things alone aren’t enough and the Mom’s at UpSpring are on a mission to empower parents with even more confidence in this process by finding innovative solutions to everyday health and wellness challenges facing parents today.  UpSpring provides “more fun, less worry” by making all-natural products that help solve real problems.


UpSpring’s Probiotic + Colostrum recently came to Target and Walgreens – and it’s flying off the shelves! This product helps with digestive and immune support – with 6 probiotic strains plus prebiotics, each serving contains 5 billion active cultures.

It also helps reduce occasional gas, diarrhea, constipation and other digestive symptoms. The naturally harvested bovine colostrum provides a complete range of antibodies for immunity support, and the prebiotic fiber supports beneficial bacteria.

UpSpring Probiotic + Colostrum powder comes in a convenient, portable packet and can be easily added to any liquid or food.

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