Get your post-baby body into shape, like the stars do

Becoming a mother changes almost every aspect of your life, not to mention what you see in the mirror. It doesn’t help that we’re bombarded by images of celebs like Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian who have seemingly perfect figures just months after having their baby. If you want to look good in a bikini again without putting yourself or your baby at risk, here’s how to snap back into shape the smart, safe and effective way…

Problem: sagging breasts

Your breasts get larger when you’re present and while you’re lactating. You may be left with a completely different bra size and your breasts could noticeable sag because they’ve been stretched so much.

If you’re embarrassed, get re-measured for a new bra once you’ve put away your maternity bras and try on a style which will offer you a bit of extra support. You can try doing some exercises at the gym using free weights to help strengthen the muscles which hold up your breasts, but unfortunately most of the damage and sagging isn’t reversible by toning exercises alone.

If you really want your breasts to look like they used to, breast enhancement surgery at a reputable Singaporean clinic is your best bet. Surgical procedures are becoming increasingly popular amongst image-conscious mums who don’t necessarily have the time to go to the gym for an hour every day. Kim Kardashian has wowed everyone with her new look after giving birth, but it’s suspected that she’s has help in the form of procedures like a breast lift and non-invasive fat-blasting treatments. Your surgeon can speak to you about what results they can achieve and what sort of downtime you can expect.

Problem: weak pelvic floor muscles

It’s inevitable that your pelvic floor muscles will get weakened a little after childbirth, but there are some easy kegel exercises

you can do every morning to tighten them. Aim for about 30-40 every day and you should be on your way to getting your old self back in no time.

Problem: carrying extra kilos

Did seeing those photos of Kate Middleton’s toned and flat tummy just months after giving birth leave you envious? Kate didn’t actually put much weight on during her pregnancy, so she had less of a battle once she gave birth. But she’s also rumoured to be a fan of drinking healthy smoothies a hitting the gym regularly to tone up.

If you’re still breastfeeding, it’s important that you’re consuming enough calories and getting the right nutrients. You can start shedding the weight, but the medical advice is to lose no more than a kilo a week if you want to lose weight the safe way.

Don’t put yourself under too much pressure either: breastfeeding can burn up to 500 calories a day and a lot of the weight should fall off naturally. Singapore-based blogger Xiaxue claims to have lost as much as 7kg a week after giving birth from breastfeeding and eating healthily alone.

If you had a C-section, you won’t be able to do any strenuous exercise right after giving birth as your body heals itself. You don’t have to be completely sedentary, though: Fergie from the Black Eyes Peas (who recently underwent a C-section to give birth to her son) credits gentle exercise like yoga  for getting her in shape.

Problem: facial skin woes

Pregnancy hormones can leave you with spotty skin and dark patches – not a good look.

Why not hire a babysitter and treat yourself to a pampering facial to help give your face a deep clean? As for the dark patches, try to wear a good sunscreen and keep out of the scorching Singapore sun as much as possible to minimise the decolouration or try a skin peel to even things out?

Another option is speaking to your doctor about switching to another contraceptive pill to manage your hormones, which play a huge role in how your skin looks as well as your moods.

Problem: stretch marks

When Beyoncé recently shared some photos of herself looking toned in a bikini, there was one very noticeable absence: stretch mars. Not everyone gets stretch marks, but if you’ve noticed some and are feeling self-conscious about them, try rubbing some oil or a cream derived from vitamin A into them regularly to help fade them over time. If you want more radical results, laser therapy is another option.

How are you getting your post-baby body back in shape?

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  1. Jenny says:

    This is one thing I am terrified of, my body changing drastically after having a kid. I know I’ll probably be getting a breast lift sometime afterwards, but I am hoping I don’t have a flabby gut! LOL Going to have to work on that when the time comes since my genetics are not very good.

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