Cooking with Gluten Free Star Olive Oil


 I love coming up with quick healthy recipes that I can serve my family for dinner. One of the biggest challenges I have faced is my families slowly-but-surely move to a gluten free lifestyle. Though we aren’t there yet, we are slowly removing gluten filled products from our home. So when I was introduced to the gluten-free STAR Pairing Olive Oils  at Walmart I was excited.

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The best thing about STAR Olive Oils is they have pairing oils to complement the dish that you are preparing – from beef, to poultry/fish and vegetables.  If you’ve never worked with olive oil before, it’s a great healthy replacement for margarine or butter.
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STAR Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil enhances the natural fresh flavors in vegetables and salads without  being overpowering. This fruity oil adds a dimension of texture and smoothness to both fresh and cooked vegetables.
The delicate flavors of white meat and fish are complemented with the medium intensity STAR Hojiblanca Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Add a drizzle of Hojiblanca olive oil and light seasoning on your next fish or white meat dish to truly experience the harmony of flavor.
STAR Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil pairs with red meat (beef & lamb) exceptionally well.  The robust oil complements the heartiness of meat in the same way red wine complements red meat. 


• 100% natural
• Carbohydrate and sodium free
• Cholesterol and gluten free
• No trans fat or added preservatives, flavoring or colorings

One of our favorite recipes is the Garlic Veggie Pasta Dish. It’s very easy, healthy, and a quick meal to make if you are in a rush to sit your family down for dinner.

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So simple and easy to make, and even the kids love it! My daughter asked me to make this for her birthday dinner. She normally isn’t much for mushrooms, but she loved them seasoned and sauteed with the garlic and olive oil.

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Want to try the some STAR Pairing Olive Oil for yourself? Enter on STAR Foods Facebook page to be entered to win.

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    Love it! Looks delicious. I have pinned it for myself! 🙂

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    looks YUMMY!

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    Pinned it! That looks amazing! I don’t usually like pasta, but I would totally give that a try.

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    How delicious!! Thank you so much! #client

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