Get Organized & Summer Ready with Name Bubbles

Though I am *so* done raising babies, sometimes I get super envious of what they have out now for little ones. I mean, so many things that would have made my life easier as a Mom (especially working all the time!).
One of my biggest pet peeves were losing soo many bottles, cups and rubbermaid containers at daycare/school/and extracurricular activities. I felt like I was spending a small fortune each week replacing items that were ‘misplaced’, left outside, taken by another child – it was enough to make me crazy! So when I came across these amazing products by Name Bubbles I knew I had to share with the other Mamas out there so maybe you won’t have to experience the frustration I did!
So the COOLEST item (at least in my opinion) are the name stickers that can be used at daycare/school.ESPECIALLY the bottle tags! Imagine not having to worry about sending a note and HOPING that the correct bottle gets given at the correct time; these labels make it so simple for everybody!
They have labels for lunch boxes, glass/plastic ware, even iron on’s for clothing, and adult labels for nursing homes/hospitals. Name Bubbles has such amazing products, and these would be perfect for baby shower gifts!

They even have value packs so you can get the most bang for your buck!

I’m grabbing a Value Packs
for all the camps and sports activities for the summer! Hopefully this will help them come home with everything they left with.

Check out more of their amazing products here.

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