Get off the Road in Dallas/Ft Worth Texas

There are plenty of places around to go get dirty and go off-roading – but a lot of those places come with trespassing fines (yes, I know from experience) and some unexpected rocks in the road (literally). So you want to make sure you have plenty of officially approved areas to go have some fun!!!



Trophy Club Park at Lake Grapevine

This is one of the few off-roading sites that separates beginners from the more experienced so they can practice where they can be safe and take the trails at their own pace. They also have separate ATV and motor cross trails, customized with over 6 miles for ATV’s and .6 miles for motor cross riders.


Northwest OHV Park

Thrill seekers can visit the 25 mile stretch of landscape that varies from dirt to rocks  with plenty of rugged recreational trails. It’s supported by the town of Bridgeport and very family-friendly. The 300 acre park is open every weekend in the spring and summer from 8 to 7.

Red River Motorcycle Trails, Inc.
Red River Motorcycle Trails is 2,700 acres of an off-road wonderland designed to get crazy! The area is known for its challenging and skill-building terrain. They even offer hiking and picnic areas nearby, and camping.

Rock Trails
ATV riders and dirt bikers can enjoy the designated trails just outside the metroplex – they allow off-roading with ATV’s, bikes, SUVs , but no one under 16 is allowed to operate an SUV and they have to be licensed with liability insurance. Helmets are also required for smaller vehicles – the park has snacks on site and they are open on Saturdays until 8 p.m.

Badlands MX
Badlands is one of the few places that allows night-riding. They offer public practices day and night, and offer rhythm section, elevation changes, numerous doubles, table-tops, a whoops section and lots and lots of road. Professional races are also held at this site.


This post was sponsored in part by Bossier Chrysler Dodge Jeep in Hillsboro, TX.


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