Fun with DohVinci Anywhere Art Studio

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dovinciMy girls are always getting into art projects, on any given day there’s glitter, paint, markers, cut outs, poster board, and other crafty items laying all over my kitchen table (and yes this does make the clean up for dinner time extremely lonngg).  So anytime they find some great new art supplies, they are begging me to buy it so they can try it out.  Fortunately I was given the opportunity for us to review the DohVinci Anywhere Art Studio, and they couldn’t be happier.

dovinci dovinci Brought to you by the makers of Play-Doh the DohVinci Art Studio is a fun way to make art pieces without the use of common paints or markers. It’s a lot like the experience of a glue gun, but without electricity or hot, sticky messes. It also has a air-dry design compound and an awesome tool to create dimensional designs with 3D lines! If you  make a mistake, no problem, you just wipe it off and try it again – once you’re happy you let it dry and you are good to go, which was my girls favorite part. A lot of times when you are painting or drawing, its easy to mess up and just have to throw away whatever you’re painting on, and have to start new. This way if you make a mistake you can ‘erase’ the area and start fresh. It comes with an easel and storage case, 3 art boards, 2 blank design boards, Styler and 4 Deco Pop tubes. A perfect starter kit!


We also love that you don’t have to just use the art boards. If  you’re feeling extra crafty, the design compound also sticks to surfaces like wood craft, cardboard, paper, and other materials. (Be  careful, it can stain furniture!) The girls had a couple picture frames they wanted to decorate, and they are coming along quite nicely. We plan to buy some more deco pop tubes to finish our creations.

The girls also love they can take this on the go. They both put theirs in their book bags to take to their Grandma’s after school so they can get crafty then as well. The storage case keeps the deco pop tubes and art boards nice and organized and easy to travel with.

Check out all the other great DohVinci products  online, or find them at your local Walmart!

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3 Responses to Fun with DohVinci Anywhere Art Studio

  1. Candy O. says:

    The Dohvinci’s look like so much fun! I might buy one for myself! LOL

  2. I totally want this one for myself! Ok so I might let the kids play with it a little bit, LOL… Looks like a lot of fun!!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. That looks like fun! I know my niece would love one for Christmas!

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