Fruit Shoots and FUN!!

Thank you to Fruit Shoot for sponsoring today’s post, but my love for their juice and endorsing children’s imaginations is all my own!

We want to share some of our favorite things about Fruit Shoot. It has a new no-spill cap, perfect for children of all ages, and contains no fructose corn syrup, making it a much better option than other flavored drinks.

This fun hydration drink is perfect for energetic, independent kids who desire fun on the go. It contains real fruit juice, natural flavors, no high-fructose corn syrup, and no added sugar.

Fruit Shoot lets moms balance the hydration their kids need with the taste that they love, making hydration fun for kids and easy for moms.

Fruit Shoot also features an innovative no-spill cap (no more juice stains in the car!) making it easy for kids to be independent while on the go. These vibrant fun colored bottles come in tasty flavors of Orange, Apple, Berry Burst and Strawberry/Raspberry.

Have a Ball Stunt Hunt with Fruit Shoot!

Fruit Shoot is looking to families across the U.S. to share videos of your kids doing amazingly active stunts. Here’s the trick: Your submission has to feature a Fruit Shoot bottle and a ball of your choice. The best of your videos will get the Hollywood treatment with special effects added to bring your kids’ imagination to life!
You’ll instantly receive a coupon for a free bottle of Fruit Shoot just for registering! Need a cool ball to shoot your video with? Any time you buy 6 bottles of Fruit Shoot in-store, you can send away for a FREE Waboba ball, the ball that bounces on water!
So grab your camera, and show us what you can do

Check out more about Fruit Shoots here!



Competition details: The ‘Have a Ball Stunt Hunt’ competition is a great demonstration of Fruit Shoot’s commitment to imaginative play and has a reward that is priceless. Here’s how it works:

1. Visit the contest homepage to upload a video of your kids showing off their best tricks, stunts, and super-cool abilities with a Fruit Shoot bottle and any ball. To qualify, please make sure your video is under 30 seconds. Check out the stunt video we have already souped-up for inspiration!

2. Share your video with friends and family and encourage them to vote for your video.

3. Every week, we’ll chose a winning video, give it the full-on Hollywood special effects treatment, and release it on our contest homepage for the world to see!

Fruit Shoots 3

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36 Responses to Fruit Shoots and FUN!!

  1. I am positive that my boys would love those. They sound right up their alley!

  2. Dawn says:

    Fruit Shoot is great. I love that it’s got a no spill cap and that it contains no high fructose corn syrup. I don’t care what the commercials say, that stuff is bad news.

  3. I love that Fruit Shoots colored their recyclable bottles but refrain from all the food dye. Win in my book!

  4. I am pretty sure kiddo and her dad would love things. I have never seen them before.

  5. These look so good! I love that they don’t use food dye!

  6. We haven’t tried these yet. I’m glad that they are colored naturally!

  7. Tess says:

    How cute are these? I am going to have to find out where these are at so I can get some they look so cool

  8. Jaime says:

    I’d be interested in a low sugar version. I love the no spill caps, though. Every product needs a no-spill feature. 🙂

  9. Liz Mays says:

    Seeing all the entries would be really fun. I’m all for no-spill drinks too!

  10. These look really awesome. I will have to try them with my boys. It’s always nice to have some new options!

  11. Debi says:

    These are so neat. I will have to look for them and give them a try!

  12. Oh wow, these are perfect for the kids lunch bags! Thanks for introducing me to them!

  13. Shell says:

    A no spill cap is awesome! So helpful for kids.

  14. Mitch says:

    I don’t mind some sugar, so low sugar in here works perfect. And the flavors look like something we would try, now!

  15. Pam says:

    This looks like a great option for kids when they don’t want water. I like the no spill cap!

  16. I’ve never heard of this drink, but it sure looks tasty. I like that it is low sugar too.

  17. Debra says:

    Anything with low sugar is worth a try to me. I’m sure my kids would like it.

  18. Debbie Denny says:

    I like that no spill cap. These sound great.Will have to look for them.

  19. Rachael says:

    I haven’t seen these before. I’m glad to see they are free of HFCS.

  20. Brett says:

    I’ve never heard of these. I’m sure the kids would love to try them. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Renee says:

    Love those easy to use caps and the lack of HFCS. Do you know if they use artificial coloring?

  22. Christie says:

    Never herd of these drinks. My kids would love them and their bottling

  23. kristin says:

    How fun this contest looks like loads of fun!!!

  24. Mommy2Jam says:

    I have never heard of this product before. I am going to get this for my boys. Thanks for sharing.

  25. That contest looks like so much fun! Never heard of this product but it looks great.

  26. My daughter loves Fruit Shoots. This is a fun little competition!

  27. Rosey says:

    I want to try some Fruit Shoot. These are perfect for summer, and for school lunches too.

  28. These are super fun for kids! I know my kiddo loves the flavor.

  29. I haven’t heard of these before, but I really like the spill proof top. That’s rare when it comes to juice on the go. My kids need these.

  30. Theresa says:

    I bet my daughter would love these! I will have to get her some to pack in her gymnastics bag.

  31. Fruitshoots are awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  32. Looks like you all had a great day. We’ll have to try fruit shoots.

  33. Kendra says:

    We will be trying them soon. I want the ball! Seriously, they sound great for our on the go family.

  34. I’ve never seen Fruit Shoots before, but those flavors sound very tasty. I will have to take a look for myself. No kids, so the juice would be all for me. hehe.

  35. I’ve never seen this product nor tried it. I’m going to let my niece know about this, quick and fun! Thanks for sharing!

  36. Kiwi says:

    I am so happy more companies and brands are eliminating high fructose corn syrup! Never heard of this product so thanks for introducing it!

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