Follow These Rules to Go Veggie or Vegan Without Giving Up

Making a major diet change is something a lot of people do. Some do it for their health, while others make a choice based on their morals. The two things can also be interlinked. Some of the most common diets to attempt are vegetarian and vegan diets. Not everyone is successful when they try to cut out meat and other animal products. It can be very difficult, especially if you want to eat out or buy ready-made items, such as sandwiches. It’s a learning process, and it can take a while to find a new normal. If you want to become vegetarian or vegan, try these tips to help you transition.


Start Off Gently


For some people, the best approach to becoming a vegetarian or vegan is to dive right in. It’s easier for them if they just cut themselves off completely. However, that doesn’t work for others. Suddenly eating a vegan or even vegetarian diet can be very hard. All of a sudden, you can’t eat a huge amount of things you ate before. Starting off slowly can help you out. You might cut out one type of meat at a time, or perhaps stop eating meat for certain meals. If you currently eat meat but want to be vegan, try transitioning to vegetarian first.


Don’t Rely Too Heavily on Substitutes


One thing many new vegetarians or vegans do is try to swap out their usual foods for “fake” versions. So they will buy meat substitutes and vegan cheeses, making them a primary part of their diet. These foods can be a great addition to what you eat. There are lots of useful dairy substitutes, for example. However, it’s important not to rely on them too much because they can be expensive. It’s much more sensible to make the bulk of your diet healthy, natural foods that are vegetarian/vegan. Pulses, beans, and grains are all healthy, filling, and cheap.


Find Recipe Inspiration


Making a significant dietary change can get you down when you see all the things you can eat and recipes you can’t cook. Trying to adapt things so that they’re vegetarian or vegan isn’t always easy. The best thing to do is to be on the lookout for healthy recipes that are designed for your diet. For example, if you look at Hampton Creek on Instagram and YouTube, you can find delicious and healthy vegan recipes. Don’t make the mistake of getting stuck eating the same three meals over and over again.


Experiment with Eating Out


Eating out can be tough when you have chosen to cut things out of your diet. It’s especially hard when you go out with other people who do eat meat or dairy products. You don’t want to end up eating a salad or pasta with tomato sauce every time. As well as looking for vegetarian and vegan restaurants, search for those that offer tasty vegan and veggie options.
You might have times when you want to give up on your new diet. Remind yourself of why you made the change to help you keep going.

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