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As a blogger, I’ve been looking into getting more into fashion blogging. I’m not talking high fashion $900 pair of heels fashion, but thrifty fashions. The thing is being focused on health/fitness for so long I wasn’t quite sure where to start.  So when I was given the opportunity to review Skillshare Fashion Classes I was super excited! What’s the best way to start? What do people look for in a good fashion blog post? Are photograph’s really important? Are my reader’s high fashion or budget friendly shoppers? Or both? A lot of questions I had and was nervous about, were answered through these great classes offered from Skillshare.

Skillshare helps you learn essential skills from industry leaders who are shaping the world of fashion today. Whether you are an aspiring apparel brand mogul or simply looking to write your first style blog post, the Skillshare School of Fashion and Style will provide you with the tools to make it happen. Theme: Tell us your thoughts about Skillshare’s new School of Fashion classes! 

I love the Skillshare Class Introduction to Fashion Photography: Capture the Look taking great photo’s is the key to a great blog post as most of you know. If the picture looks bad, so do the clothes.

What You Will Learn

  • Getting Inspired. Tactics for finding inspiration for your photos’ style and a shoot concept.
  • Finding Your Subject. Where and what to look for in sourcing a model.
  • Location. Scouting and exploring the right location for your shoot.
  • Lighting. Different lighting options and how to find the right one for your shot.
  • Posing & Movement. Tips on how to achieve the posing and movement with your model.
  • Framing. Various framing techniques to consider.
  • Client Deliverables. Overview of the editing process and what your deliverables to a client would be.

What You Will Do

Students will leave this class with a set of 2-3 fashion photos for your portfolio. You can find professional models to work with or pull in some of your friends. The idea will be to put the techniques you’re learning into practice to share with your classmates for feedback. A DSLR camera is highly recommended, but a point and shoot or iPhone works, too.


They have lots of great classes that extend past personal fashion, onto interior design, and even starting your own fashion line (I wish I was that creative)!
There’s a class I just signed up for,  Interior Styling: Style Your Space like a Pro

What You Will Learn

Through video lessons and dozens of examples, resources and styling ‘formulas’, you will learn different approaches to styling to create a photo-ready interior. We’ll dive into 8 key concepts that can be applied to any area of your house:

1. Needs. How to asses your needs and address them with styling.

2. Shape. How to establish diversity of shape and size to create balance.

3. Color. How to go bold while sticking within a color palette.

4. Pattern. How to mix patterns while keeping “era” in mind.

5. Texture. How to mix texture to generate the most visual interest.

6. Placement. The difference between a space looking collected vs. cluttered.

7. Bling. How to add bling to a vignette that’s a perfect touch without competing with your look.

8. Botanicals. The best and easiest way to breathe life into a space!

The class will also include expert interior photography tips from Laure Joliet. Laure has shot interiors for the New York TimesSunset Magazine, and has worked with Justina for Anthology Magazine. Her tips will be especially helpful for bloggers and decorators to take interior photography to the next level.


Go sign up for a great class today! Classes start as low as $19!

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  1. Very cool!! I’ll have to look into SkillShare! Thanks Krissy!

  2. Lesly Christensen says:

    ive been looking for some classes like this! thanks

  3. Elena Vo says:

    I would love to take these classes!

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