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I don’t know about you, but nothing is more frustrating then driving down the road and needing to hit the breaks or turn the corner and my purse and all its contents go flying onto the floor, or on the other side of the passengers seat. Now how in the world am I going to reach it from the driver’s seat?! There is also the dilemma of having a passenger who is sitting where your purse normally is. So you try to finagle your purse on top of the console between you both, and then of course the contents go flying all over the backseat instead of the front!

Well one lady decided enough was enough – and she was going to come up with a solution to the flying purse.  Catherine Seifert decided to create the Car Caché

car cache

The idea is so simple, yet so brilliant.

The Car Caché in Black, Tan, or Black Faux Leather (no animals were harmed in making the Car Caché!) will complement your car’s interior, while keeping your handbag clean, out of the way, and within easy reach.


The Car Caché requires that the vehicle has a front center console with a cover, and the driver and passenger side headrests must have accessible posts. Also, the driver side seat cannot be all the way up while the passenger side seat is extended all the way back. This will make the Car Caché vertical and cannot hold the purse properly.


I have a Thirty-One purse that doesn’t have a zipper or a hook. I love it because it’s big enough to carry what I need, plus put a file or paperwork in there when I need to. I always had a problem with my contents flying all over my car while driving, but now with the Car Caché there are no worries!

Want to try the Car Caché for yourself? Enter below!

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